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As a business man what do you do with your product? You market it, try to sell it, and once it is sold you make sure that the customers are satisfied with the product and that they come back again to you for buying your product. This way your product is valued and you achieve success. This same circle applies to your career, but many are unaware of it. Your career is your product that needs to be well marketed. This will get you clients who would want to work with you. The success you have in handling these clients will help you get more business and will increase your demand in the market. This demand will bring you the success and position that you wished for.

A. Harrison Barnes, the owner of says that even the legal career of a lawyer is a business. The most important part of any business is that you need to market yourself well to get good business and gain success. In the job market you are the product and your skills are the features that attract clients (customers) to you. If they are happy with you then they will always come back to you and will even refer you to their friends, family and acquaintances. This way you (the product) will be in much demand and will lead a life with a successful career.

If you are unable to market yourself well or do not market at all then you will end up being at a loss as you will be unable to advance and will soon reach a dead end. According to A. Harrison Barnes, you need to realize that your legal career is a business and you have to deal with it accordingly. You have to be a good business man in order to see your legal career reach heights. If you fail to become a good business man or ignore the importance of the legal career then you will face disappointments throughout your career.

A. Harrison Barnes as we all know that he has been into this profession for many years and thus is acquainted with many lawyers who have failed to be a business man; in fact many lawyers have not even recognized that their law career is nothing more than a business which is required to promote. Due to this those attorneys have lost much in their legal careers. This is why A. Harrison Barnes advices every attorney to think of their law careers as a business and to work hard in promoting it.

He says that your legal career like any other business needs to be promoted as you need to have a marketable product. You need to look at the importance of your brand in order to market it and to get the success. Your work is to promote yourself in the way that you get buyers for your product i.e. your skills are needed to be sold.

The importance of marketing your product begins at a very early stage in your career. In fact you need to take initial steps to enter the legal profession. It starts when you are still in law schools. Your performance at the law school in every field including your academics, participation in other curricular activities like working on a journal is important to the future of your legal career. These skills will help you decide on the charges that you can ask for your product, says A. Harrison Barnes. The finer the product the better price you will get for it. Your brand at this stage will be the law school you visited, the field you are specialized in, your abilities and your performance at the law school.

But here comes your actual test. Here you will be judged how well you can market your product. Unless you don’t market yourself, the buyers (the clients) will not be able to recognize your brand; they will not recognize your talents and you thus will lose the market at this early stage, says A. Harrison Barnes.

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