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Corporate lawyers are required to ensure that the commercial transactions and advising corporations are adhering to the legal procedures. They ensure the right and duties of corporate officers are not being taken away. These lawyers have elaborate knowledge in the field of bankruptcy, accounting, contract law, tax law, zoning laws and intellectual property rights. The corporate lawyers also look into the specifications of business of corporations with which they are involved.

Practice of corporate law, says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of is less adversarial when compared to that of the trail law. The attorneys for both the sides of commercial transactions are facilitators rather than opponents. One of the renowned lawyers said that the corporate lawyers are characterized as “the handmaidens of the deal”. The events of transactions take place among the peers. The corporate lawyers are required to structure those negotiation deals, draft documents, transactions and review agreements and attend meetings.

The corporate lawyers from a small firm may have to deal with short term jobs such as divorce settlements, drafting wills and real estate transactions. On the other hand corporate lawyers from big cities may have to spend several months; negotiating one single business transaction says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of Different firms organize their subdivisions in diverse ways. All of the firms do not include acquisitions and mergers under the umbrella division of corporate law.

A corporate lawyer is required to provide counseling and analysis on legal issues, environmental issues, policies, facilitate new products and at the same time protect the intellectual property rights. It is the responsibility of the legal professionals to provide guidance on issues relating to employee contracts, labor relations, tax issues, filing of suits against the corporate sectors and employee injury. The lawyer is required to prepare stipulations, legal pleadings, discovery, and motions among many other things. It is always better to expand business contacts says A. Harrison Barnes. The lawyers must maintain professional relations with regulators, external lawyers, and asset and portfolio managers every day.

Qualified and experienced corporate lawyers are always in demand. The corporate lawyers with about 10 to 12 years of work experience have a high market value. Since experience always counts, corporate lawyers proficient in fighting legal issues like conflicts between the landlord and tenant, insurance claims, assisting the legal students with vigorous business and legal training, commercial transactions are always in demand.

The corporate lawyers may also have to deal with the process of mitigating the cases pertaining to insurance laws. The cases of these kinds incorporate both corporate as well as personal insurance laws. The lawyers dealing with insurance cases must possess time and resource management skills. The corporate lawyers must be able to gather and analyze the information he received says A. Harrison Barnes. His communicative skills will enable him to present before the law court successfully the information that he has gathered. Corporate lawyers dealing with insurance cases are required to work together with the staff members and collect facts related to the case and present them before the law courts. It is on the basis of the facts derived that the lawyer represents the case in the law courts. The corporate lawyer must ask for additional information to take the case forward says A. Harrison Barnes.

In order to become a corporate lawyer you must possess a bachelor’s degree along with jurist doctorate from a reputed law school. The law students are required to complete courses in the field of insurance law, business law, trusts and tax law. The CEO of, A. Harrison Barnes states that it is always better to pass the state issued Bar Exam. This examination, determines the skills, ability, knowledge and proficiency of the potential lawyer. The lawyers also gain knowledge about the procedures, policies and practices pertaining to the legal field. The corporate lawyers are required to possess exceptional analytical, interpersonal and communicative skills to excel in their legal career.

Over the years there has been tremendous growth in business transactions, as a result of which the demand for corporate lawyers in the market has also increased. The corporate lawyers are required to monitor the environmental, venture capital, intellectual property law and antitrust. Corporate lawyers earn about $100,000 every year. They spend a great deal of their time representing the clients or employers. A lot of their time is also spent in researching and briefing.

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