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Law jobs  no doubt are very prestigious, it may be fantastic opportunity to build your career in the legal field and participate in the court proceedings. You can opt for the post of a clerk if you are a recent graduate. You can also try for the position of a clerk, if you have been practicing in the legal field for quite a long time now.

There are however several well-prevalent myths about legal jobs and the ways of securing them. A. Harrison Barnes of points out that in many cases, the young aspirants to a legal career don’t actually know the realities behind these myths.

A common belief that is nurtured by the people is that it is very difficult to get a legal job. The fact is that it is not at all hard to enter the legal profession. You simply need to get into a law school. The first thing you must obtain in order to enter into the legal profession is a bachelor’s degree. Several law colleges provide a major course in pre-law. The school entry level exam, LSAT must be taken to enter into law schools. However this is not the only degree that a law school takes into consideration, there are other good-enough degrees as well, says A. Harrison Barnes. The applicants are required to clear the admission tests to get into the law colleges. Always make sure that the law school or college you are entering is certified by the bar association.

Again, most of the people wrongly assume, says A. Harrison Barnes, that you cannot get into clerkship simply by graduating or practicing law for few days. People tend to believe that they need to be a Harvard graduate for this. Although it’s true that the best clerkship positions are available to only those who hail from elite schools, there are several positions available out there. It is not very difficult to apply for these positions of clerkship.

A good score in the aptitude test ensures that the candidate has a shining legal career ahead. The law school provides different courses like that on constitutional law, property law and criminal law. In some of the states, the law students are admitted to “preferential” law schools where they are not required to clear any entrance examination. There are further states where the cooperative bar association makes arrangement that the law students can practice in other states as well without any hassles.

There is also a common myth that one can never find a position as a law professor. Indeed, as a lawyer if you just keep waiting for an advertisement that seeks a candidate for such a position, it might take you a long wait. But if you take initiative and send your candidature to suitable places, there are high chances that you will soon get the job of a law professor with a reputed law school. The pay packet for a law professor may not be very high like that in corporate sectors, but there are flexible working hours. Overall, the job is definitely very rewarding and satisfying.

Another myth commonly associated with the legal career, is that there are no in-house positions available in the market. The fact is that contains a comprehensive database for all in-house legal jobs in the United States of America. This legal job portal makes sure that your name has been referred to all law firms who are recruiting attorneys and lawyers, says A. Harrison Barnes. The annual income of most of the in-house attorneys is much higher when compared to those of the lawyers working in the big law firms in America.

It is also wrongly believed that a recruiting firm is the best possible way of getting an in- house position. The fact is that only a small percentage of all in-house jobs are actually go through recruiting firms and there are too many of these firms out there for you to keep track of.

Besides, most of the recruiters seek the condition of “exclusivity” from the in-house corporations that are their clients. Which means the position goes unadvertised, says A. Harrison Barnes. However, you need not worry because provides you with all assistance and an array of jobs in the legal market.

People generally believe that getting in touch with a recruiter is all they have to do to secure a good legal job. The reality however is a bit different. The associate or the attorney must have the necessary qualification and work experience for the job. The recruiters are helpful, no doubt. They can assist you with getting placed in reputed law firms, but it cannot be a substitute for your experience and qualification, says A. Harrison Barnes. In these tough economic conditions many of the recruiters are cutting down on their expenses. If you are a job seeker and want to get into a legal career, you can get in touch with us. Our website provides the most comprehensive job search.

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