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People often notice that success comes to only a few select and the rest lead a mediocre legal career. Many people wonder if there is a difference in the kind of work they do or the different law firms they have worked in. Most attorneys are of the wrong notion that working in big law firms is the only way to lead a successful legal career. They believe that only such large firms can help them achieve their goals.

But according to A. Harrison Barnes, owner of, this is not the case. The difference between the successful lawyers and the unsuccessful one is not the law firm they are working in but in the realization of the passion that they possess which is the key to success. The law firms themselves make no difference. It is only the self realization of the key element that is within oneself. Most of the attorneys are not aware of the fact and thus end up making their legal careers complicated by changing organizations more often than required.

You must realize that you are in charge of your career. You can definitely seek advice but the final decision is yours alone. You need to decide for yourself which area of law would you like to enter and trust yourself with that decision say A. Harrison Barnes. Every decision which you take is like a stepping stone towards the future success of your legal career. These decisions are not easy to make. You need to plan in advance and then take it ahead step by step. You need to develop your skills with every assignment you take. Information and knowledge is the most potent weapon of any lawyer. Successful lawyers are those who are smart, focused, and open to feedback and those who have a desire to be better to achieve success, you need to give in efforts, focus, intelligence, time and also some personal sacrifices to prepare a step by step plan that will lead you to success believes A. Harrison Barnes. Leading a balanced life is the dream of every lawyer. Success in your career will help you attain satisfaction and will help you lead the lifestyle you want.

A. Harrison Barnes is of the strong opinion that you need to realize the hidden potential within you. Having a clear aim is good, but to be successful, a lawyer needs to realize his strengths. These can be skill related in terms of specialization in a particular field like intellectual property which is in demand or can be related to the strengths of a lawyer. These can be his determination, intelligence, his network and so on. Successful lawyers often have a blend of both.

You need to realize your strengths, your weaknesses, your talents and skills. Sit down and do a self assessment. Locate your weak points and work on them. Once you know your strengths and skills and talents, you can combine it with purpose to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. You need to enjoy your work. It has been proved that attorneys who enjoy the particular kind of law they specialize in perform better. The reason is because they enjoy the work they do. It allows them to put in their maximum efforts into every case.

But A. Harrison Barnes feels that only having a purpose or a goal or an aim will not help you be successful. Your performance at work, achieving the billable hours, the rewards, your client relationships, your personal network, the compensation and benefit factor Are all very essential. But first you need to know what your core values are. Choose a mentor who can help you gain insight of your strengths. Often this very inner strength helps attorneys achieve the rest. Approach every opportunity with enthusiasm. Successful attorneys at the pinnacle of their career often have simply developed their inner skills to help them achieve their goals. They have constantly upgraded their skills and knowledge to match the growing needs and changing trends. They are smart and know exactly when to grab an opportunity. They know when to diversify and when to consolidate.

Success is relative. It can be achieved and defined in many ways. Monetary success, success in terms of name and stature, success in form of positions and designation are various such types. Some people perceive success as satisfaction and inner peace. It should be noted here that successful lawyers are a blend of both. They are skilled, know their strengths, have the lifestyle they want to lead and still show enthusiasm and dedication in their work.

This is the very reason why A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you should find your strengths and make the best use of them. To be successful in your legal career aim high, learn fast, never ignore your inner strength, and learn to enjoy your work. You will ultimately be successful in your legal career and achieve satisfaction as well.

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