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Look out Texas – Ohio looks ready to challenge this nation’s largest state in the number of executions it carries out on an annual basis. February, 2009 saw the state execute a convicted killer using its new “one drug” method. The execution was also the third in three months for Ohio, putting it in the ideal position of breaking not only its own record, but challenging Texas’s tough stance on executing those found guilty of the most heinous crimes, says founder A. Harrison Barnes. Criminal lawyers in Ohio are paying attention to this new trend; especially those who have clients on death row.

There are currently 162 men and one woman awaiting execution in this state. Prosecutors have already requested execution dates for five more death row inmates and currently, there is one execution slated each month through September 2010. Currently, the record stands at seven executions in one calendar year, 2004, for this Midwestern state.

What does this mean for 25 year old Landon Curtis Evans, currently in Florida and fighting extradition to Ohio? He is accused of murdering his newborn daughter in an effort to cover up what would likely have resulted in statutory rape charges of the newborn’s mother, who many believe is also his sister, had DNA been taken from the baby. Unfortunately, she too, according to her criminal lawyers, is facing charges related to murdering the baby she’d just given birth to, although many speculate that is unlikely.

Criminal lawyers fight to keep their clients off death row in nearly every state. When found guilty, juries usually decide between life or death and it now appears a new trend of far more death sentences than life sentences are being decided. This might also explain why more legal minds are pursuing criminal law as their chosen specialty. To be sure, beliefs on the death penalty are deeply rooted and there are those who vehemently oppose it as fiercely as those who support it. It stands to reason more lawyers decide they want to make a difference in the permanent solution many states opt for, says A. Harrison Barnes. Proof is in the number of law firms looking to increase their legal staffs, as evidenced by and its research efforts.

Whether or not Ohio moves forward with its record breaking executions for 2010 remains to be seen and the current requests for five more executions are being considered by those who make the decisions; however, most experts agree this new trend is permanent. Recent law school graduates can make their own mark in Ohio’s historical efforts. The experienced staff at stands ready to help lawyers and other legal personnel find the right position in Ohio or anywhere else in the country. Whether it’s a streamlined effort of getting your resume in the right hands or if you need assistance with creating that resume and cover letter, we offer it all.

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