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Considering pursuing a career as an engineering technician? You might be surprised to learn electrical engineering technicians account for nearly 33 percent of all engineering technicians, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While these careers can be fulfilling and offer higher than average income potential, the demand for those in these positions varies. Further, because states sometimes require licensing, there are often state compliance laws one must keep in mind. Still, these career opportunities present many doors that are waiting to be opened.

So what exactly does an engineering technician do? Among other things, the course of an average day might include assisting engineers as they conduct research, prepare reports and work with prototypes. Not only that, but with so much of the engineering field being computerized, software applications such as computer aided drafting, or CAD, is used on a daily basis and will likely be part of an engineering technician’s educational background. Certification courses are often required as technology moves forward in leaps and bounds. Some of the engineering backgrounds you might wish to consider include:

* Civil Engineering * Aerospace Engineering * Mechanical Engineering * Environmental Engineering * Mechanical Engineering

Once you’ve invested time in your chosen discipline, many technicians opt to continue their educations and become professional engineers. The transition is often easier than those who graduate college without the added benefit of time spent in the field. This can often give job seekers another advantage in the field of engineering.

Overtime is possible; however, it’s important to note a technician’s workday will often mirror those of the engineers and will be dictated by work load and other actors. Still, many enjoy the opportunities offered as a technician and find the work more than satisfying. Creativity is often encouraged and good communication skills are crucial. The more a candidate brings to the table, the better his odds are of advancement. With more than 511,000 engineering technicians in the U.S., every advantage helps. Further, the U.S. Government often seeks experienced candidates for positions on federal, state and local levels and in 2006, government engineering technicians numbered around 37,000, making it possible for many to consider this a viable option and he progresses through his career.

A. Harrison Barnes, a career coach and founder of, is a leader in finding those job listings other job boards may miss. With access to so many companies who don’t use traditional means to advertise openings, it stands to reason incorporating his team of employment experts as you pursue your career options puts you at a distinct advantage. Whether you’ve recently completed your education or are a seasoned engineering technician, can help.

From providing assistance in creating or updating your resume to working with you every step of the way in your search for the right position, the staff of stands ready.

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