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One of the main concern of the law students, even before they are out of the law school is, which law firm they should choose to begin their attorney career. This is a very vital decision and also not an easy one. This decision will decide on the type of lifestyle they will lead, the kind of work environment, the different natured colleagues they will work with and the direction in which their legal career will move into. In fact the most important thing that is affected by your decision is your legal career. This decision will decide what kind of legal career you will have – will it be the most ordinary one or will it be a successful one.

Once you are through with the job search, cleared the interviews and now have multiple offers for yourself, it is the time to decide the law job offer that you will accept and which will fulfill all your requirements. A. Harrison Barnes who owns, says that there a lot of things that the lawyers take into consideration before deciding on which firm they are interested to work with and many things effect their decision of choosing the right firm for themselves.

A. Harrison Barnes, creator and owner of Legal, created this site in order to help the law job seekers get the jobs they wish for. Legal Authority has a team of more than 40 experienced attorneys who help job seekers with their search. They also help them prepare their law resumes and the legal cover letters. Apart from these services they help the job seekers to take the right decision on which law job offer to accept. Thus, A. Harrison Barnes from his experience knows the factors that a legal job seeker considers before choosing the law firm and knows what the clients of Legal Authority mainly ask for and thus make their search accordingly.

The main criteria’s that the lawyers consider are the reputation of the law firm, the work culture, the kind of work offered by the law firm, the importance of the position that they are being offered, the chances of advancement in their law careers by working in the firm and at last the money that is being offered to them by the legal employer. Money in fact is the least important factor that the lawyers take into consideration before selecting the law firm. According to A. Harrison Barnes, these are the points that attract the lawyers towards the law firms.

Another most important thing that attracts the lawyers towards the law firm is the reputation of the law firm believes Harrison Barnes. They prefer law companies that are well reputed than other law firms. Large firms give the lawyers the prospect of better future in their legal career, the chance of earning more which will also allow them live a good lifestyle, come across a large variety of work and provides stability to the attorney. There are many other benefits of working at a large and reputed law firm than working the smaller and less reputed legal firm.

The quality of the law school that they have taken admission in also influences their decision of choosing the law firm they wish to enter. Thus the lawyers choose their law institute according to the future they aspire towards.

The lawyers even look at the prospects of better law career that the firm provides to them. The working at the law firm also counts for the future career of the lawyers. With the increase of experience and work knowledge the thought of a better future gets into the mind of the attorneys. Everybody wishes to grow and advance in their legal careers.

A. Harrison Barnes says that money today, is not the only priority for the lawyers while choosing the law firm. They are also keener on the facilities that the company provides them with apart from the salary. Even if the law firm does not provide enough salary but instead takes proper care of the employees, provides with retirement benefits, and with enough vacation time the attorneys are ready to accept the offers.

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