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The main concern of every law student is to get a law job as soon as possible. For this purpose, they enroll with all possible job portals, check out the classified section in all the newspapers and also consult recruiters who ensure them a secured law career. Some law students find success with this method but there are many who still continue their search. It takes a lot of time for them to be successful in their search even after being the best of the lot. They apply to every available job but they do not know for certain what kind of law job they are looking for. In order to get the right job, they have to be specific in their approach. A specific approach means seeking for particular type of employer.

With the traditional way of looking for a job, you may not be able to get the job you are suitable for, or it may be too late to get the exact law job. This is so because most law students end up choosing the wrong recruiter or legal job portal for themselves as they get attracted to the advertisements of these job portals. A. Harrison Barnes of Legal understands that it is not the fault of the law students that they are easily fooled by the job portals. This occurs as the law students are not aware of the inside story of these legal job portals. They may belong to the list of good law job boards but the reality is that they either do not have recruiters or the recruiters are not up to the mark. Since they are not capable enough to help the law job seekers it in turn ultimately affects their legal careers.

According to A. Harrison Barnes, the worse part of using these law job boards is that you are competing along with every attorney who is using the same traditional form of legal job search. This occurs as most law students get attracted by the advertisements of the job boards. This results in a large number of appliers to the limited employers. These boards do not search for all the jobs that are available in the market but rather they wait for the employers to come up to them and post their job openings. In this way they charge the interested employers a huge amount of money to post their job advertisement. As many legal employers are not ready to pay they end up posting the job openings at the firm’s own website.

This makes the law students lose many good law job opportunities. To overcome this problem, they apply to the law firms by themselves which is not a better option for this calls for a good amount of hard work in finding such firms which is not possible by a single person. Finding legal employers within the city and also outside one’s geographical location is extremely difficult. A. Harrison Barnes says that it is not even possible for a single person to call every legal employer and to know who to approach to for legal employment. Hence, it is not a very good option for the law students who plan to do the search all by themselves.

A. Harrison Barnes says that the legal employers have a good relation with the recruiters for they trust the quality of candidates that come through the head hunters. Hence they do not show any interest on resumes that are submitted by the attorney himself/herself. Also, the resumes and paperwork that are prepared by self job seekers are generally not up to the mark.

At this point A. Harrison Barnes suggests that all law students should take the help of Legal Authority. It is the solution to every problem a law student will have while looking for the law job to give him/her a good start to their law career. In this Legal Authority is the best in its field. Its main motive is to ensure a perfect law job for each of its client. To fulfill this motive they put in tremendous hard work. They do all the work for their clients – from searching all the legal jobs available in the law job market to adding them into their database, revising their resume to completing the paperwork, from suggesting the suitable legal employer to preparing application with them. A. Harrison Barnes’s Legal Authority takes your concerns into its hand and performs the entire task with full efficiency.

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