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It must be the time for you to choose the right career for yourself. You may be thinking and looking for all the career options that are available for you. You must have set some criteria for the professions according to which you will be looking for a career for yourself. If you are looking for a job that is exciting, challenging, that can provide you with good finance and give you personal satisfaction then the legal profession can be a good option for you. The legal profession will fill all your requirements and you will be able to land on a good career. Entering the legal profession will allow you to choose from different areas of law and in different work environments.

Various Legal Career Options

The experienced lawyer A. Harrison Barnes who has created his own legal job recruiting firm named Legal, suggests you that legal profession is a very good option because you have different option open to choose from. Legal profession is not limited to lawyers or judges only. There are many other areas where you can pursue a legal career like paralegals, legal secretaries, jury consultant, e-discovery professional, trial consultant, court reporter, legal nurse consultant, compliance specialist, litigation support professional, and mediator. These legal areas will also provide you with decent salaries.

Various Legal Practice Areas

Even if you choose to become a lawyer, A. Harrison Barnes asks you to choose a particular area of law where you can continue your legal career such as corporate law, bankruptcy law, real property law, business law, criminal law, consumer law, tax law, worker’s compensation law, social security law, labor law, insurance law, probate law, family law and many other areas to choose from. The choice is completely yours. You can even get to know about the area of law that you are thinking about while working as an intern during the summer internships for law students that are provided by the college.


According to A. Harrison Barnes legal profession is one of the biggest money making industry today. Rising salaries and healthy revenues is the result of the double digit growth that is seen in the past few years. This means that studying law will bring you the ability to earn huge salary. But the salary you receive depends on many factors which includes the field of law you are working in, the practice area you are in, your experience, the law school you have studied from, the degree you have and the location you are working in. The main thing is that high job compensation asks for more skill and education that is required to perform the law job.

The lawyers and the judges are the ones who are highly paid in the legal profession say A. Harrison Barnes. It is so because of the high education that they receive during their law school days. Apart from lawyers and judges, the people who are working in the high ranking management position like the legal firm administrators and the litigation support directors. The legal software consultants, e-discovery specialists and trial consultants are also the ones who earn huge salaries by providing the legal industry with consulting services. The largest legal firms start their salary range from $150,000 to $180,000. The partners at these law firms earn an average salary of $1.2 million.

Other experienced legal professionals earn salary that ranges between $30,000 and $ 100,000 per year. The legal secretaries, magistrates, mediators, contract administrators, paralegals, court reporters, litigation support professionals, legal nurse consultant, law clerks and other courtroom personnel fall under this pay scale category. These non-lawyers are very successful to gain good financial rewards in the profession of law says A. Harrison Barnes.

The people who fall under the lowest pay scale category are the fresher who have just joined the legal positions and people who are in the legal position that require minimum skill and training. They are the file clerks, court messengers, document coders along with fresh legal assistants, litigation support personnel, law clerks and legal secretaries. They will earn more and more salary once they start gaining experience in their legal professions. So you can choose from any of the legal profession that meets your financial requirements.

Apart from the above mentioned points about the benefit of having a legal career there are many other things that can attract you to have a legal career. The legal industry has seen a consistent growth in the recent years. And the growth is continuously increasing with the passing time. Thus you have the assurance of job after you are out of your law school.

Legal profession is A. Highly reputable career field, and it is regarded as an elite and highly paid profession, says lawyer A. Harrison Barnes.

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