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What is work at home scam and how can you watch out for them? Work at home scams can be everywhere, but there are certain things you can do to avoid getting burned. When you are looking for some work online; you will find that there are an overwhelming number of possibilities to experience scam. Here are just some of the things you need to know.

Number one, if you see a company that charges you money to work for them, get off of that site immediately. You have to ask yourself, would an employer ask me to pay them to work? No. There are many sites that you should totally avoid, multi level marketing, Pyramid schemes, and any kind of check cashing or transfer of funds. MLM and Pyramid schemes are designed to make money for the people at the highest levels, and are not only difficult to do but are not going to make you any money. You will waste your time and money.

Secret Shopper work from home you really have to watch out for. The concept is true, major companies hire people in secret to shop and use services. The reason store owners do this is to see how well their employees are doing. Many fast food franchises hire secret shopper companies to evaluate their stores. However, you have to be really careful picking one of these.

Good legitimate companies require that you go through an online training program, free, to learn how to secret shop. No, you just can’t go in and shop and get paid. There are certain things you have to do and look for, plus you have to know how to fill out the forms. When you have completed the training, they will give you a list of companies that are looking for qualified secret shoppers. This doesn’t guarantee you will get work, but the more companies you apply too, also free, the better your chances.

Don’t bother dealing with envelope stuffing work at home jobs, while many may not exactly be a scam, you won’t make any money. The idea here is that companies will want you to send out their fliers to people. The problem is that you have to pay to copy the flier, buy the envelopes, stamps, and in some cases, even have to pay for a ‘list’ of stickers with addresses of people you could find in the phone book. It is just not worth it.

There are many, work from home jobs that are legitimate. There are opportunities in many different fields, including writing articles, data entry, and even starting you own websites and selling products or services online. However, if you want to work at home with a website, you have to be very careful about these as well.

First of all, for the record, there are many places where you can get a website or .com address for free. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, they are difficult. A good service that will help you set up an online business won’t charge you more than $50, and usually it is a one time fee, with just a small monthly maintenance charge, less than 10 dollars. Stay away from ones that charge more.

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