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Before you start your legal job search, you have to decide on the kind of legal environment you need to work in. If you have decided that you will work with a legal employer in a law firm then you again have to decide on what kind of law firm you are interested to work in. Will you be comfortable working in a large law firm or a small law firm? Both small and large law firms have their own advantages and disadvantages. In knowing all about both law firms – small and large – you have to make your own research. After you have completed your research, you need to analyze and then decide on the law firm that best suits your needs and requirements. This research will make your decision easier.

A. Harrison Barnes, a lawyer by profession, who has also created a legal job search portal named Legal, is in the view that working in large law firm is better than working in a smaller law firm. He has presented his views further in this article. His views will be very helpful because he himself is an experienced lawyer and thus has the idea of working in both – large and small law firm. He has presented you his views in the form that you can clearly understand the difference and thus decides on what is right for you.

Large Law Firms

Most of the attorneys practicing law are working with a larger law firm says A. Harrison Barnes. It is so because these attorneys have realized the importance of working in a large law firm and thus have chosen to pursue their legal career in these big law firms.

The important benefit that you will get while working in a large law firm is the high salary that is only available with a large law firm says A. Harrison Barnes. They in fact rank among the highest paid law practicing areas for the legal professionals and also for other employees. They are given high compensation packages than the ones who are working in small law firm or in the government agency, public interest environment, non-profit organizations, and judiciary.

Not only money but large law firms also provide you with challenging as well as sophisticated work says A. Harrison Barnes. It is here that you will get complex litigation, transactional and high end legal work, thus you can find great talent and wide range of resource here. This is the reason why the large law firms appoint the most high qualified and experienced lawyers, legal assistants and staff. Their high prestige in the legal industry attracts a large and diverse client list which ensures that the law firm will never face any financial difficulty.

The large law firms also consist of support and administrative staff. Thus not only lawyers but also non-lawyers have the chance in getting into a large firm says A. Harrison Barnes. Thus it is a great place for the paralegals or the legal secretaries, file clerks and others. Since it has such A. Huge staff working, the office has to be large enough that too at a prime location. It also includes huge cafeteria and gyms and other facilities for the relaxation of the employees.

Since the large law firms are well reputed, they even provide great platforms for the employees. They have the international platform laid before them thus being a great career enhancing opportunity.

Small Law Firms

Working at a small law firm is different than the large law firm says A. Harrison Barnes. Though working at the small law firm is very comfortable for you don’t have to worry about billable hours, you will have a relaxed atmosphere. One gets to do a variety of work hence you get to learn more. Attorneys get a chance to interact with the clients directly and also handle cases independently. The work culture is friendly and competition is less. The work of employees in a small law firm gets noticed easily.

The biggest drawback about it is that you get lower salaries than the large law firms. Thus it is not a good option for the lawyers who wish to lead a luxury life. They pay less salary to the lawyers because of the limited resources which mean that the attorneys have to make their own photocopies or the paralegals file legal documents with the court. In fact they even have fewer or no support staff. The lawyers need to perform all the tasks on their own. They are even at times unable to provide enough benefits to the attorneys.

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