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If you are interested in the legal system, but you are still looking for something other than being a lawyer, or attorney; need not worry. The scope of alternative legal careers is astonishing. There is legal consulting, dispute resolution management, and many paralegal opportunities. Attorney jobs don’t always include litigators, just as many people are needed in writing legal documents, setting up appointments, and investigating assignments.

One of these alternative legal jobs is dispute resolution. This job entails dealing with people who are in contract disputes, arbitration, evaluations, and summary reporting, and mediation. Mediation is where two parties who have a legal dispute mutually come together with the help of a knowledgeable third party, to try to come up with a solution both sides can agree on. A mediator offers no opinion of their own, remaining neutral, but providing ideas on solutions, some which may not emphasize so much on the legalities, but on creative solutions both parties can agree on. This is usually the first phase of more serious arbitration, and even appearances in court.

There also all kinds of consultation positions in law employment, and this can be a very lucrative legal career. If you have enough knowledge you can find law firms and all kinds of different businesses that need legal consultants on a daily basis. They may have many contracts that need looking at, or need some creative strategies on a variety of issues that may come up.

If you have litigation experience, a trial consultant may be right up your alley. It could mean using your expertise in picking jurors, or setting up investigations. There are jobs in forensics, legal issues in hospitals, and many others you could do. Many famous attorneys and law firms that investigate corporate wrong doings, use many different people to investigate and talk to people who are affected by industries that have done harm in communities. You could be the one to talk to people who have gotten sick, gather their information, and report back to your law firm.

If you have experience in legal terminology, there are many paralegal jobs available, either translating legal wording into layman’s terms, or taking contracts and wording them into a proper legal documents, as well as many others. Paralegals also obtain affidavits, research legal documentation, and locate witnesses.

There are many schools specializing in law employment, and all the different aspects. If you are interested in attorney jobs, there are universities with many classes on helping you pass the BAR exam. You can also find many other learning resources, even if you just need to brush up on some skills. Doing volunteer work for educational and administration needs, or volunteering in human resources, like energy assistance programs, can go a long way on a resume.

One simple Internet search can give you lots of information on different schools, other career opportunities, as well as lots of tips and helpful advice. You can find many legal firms, and other companies that are looking for entry level positions, advanced career opportunities, and legal consultants. There are resume writing service sites, to help you put together an eye catching but professional presentation at any interview.

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