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BCGSearch is the premier law employment site on the internet today. Created by CEO and founder A. Harrison Barnes, has seen unrivaled success in the legal job placement market since its inception. There are many job search sites but not like BCGSearch. What makes it so different? BCGSearch places the best and brightest attorneys and legal professionals with the best law firms in the nation. You don’t have to wander aimlessly through BCGSearch hoping to find your dream legal career. BCGSearch professionals are committed 100% to ensure you find quality a job you can be proud of.

Other job search sites just list jobs you probably have no intention in applying for. How many job search sites have you been to before you landed a meaningful job? How many hours have you wasted before you received a return phone on a legal job you applied for? Many job search sites are like entering a cave without light, you may find something by accident but your chances in finding anything worthwhile is remote.

You should never take a job you have any intentions of giving your full effort in. You may settle for a legal employment position because there are no other options available (or so you think). There are more legal jobs out there then you realize and the BCGSearch recruiters will find them. Job seekers start giving up and hope a job lands in their lap after so many failed attempts to find a job they actually want.

Lets face it, you have had a bad experience with a company before, we all had them. How many times did you call customer service and got a bogus explanation or couldn’t get through to costumer service at all? It happens too often. BCGSearch recruiters are honest, committed to their work, and are driven to help you as best they can. Also, BCGSearch recruiters are extremely friendly and nice which is a forgotten characteristic for many companies today. BCGSearch recruiters have graduated from the top schools in the United States.

BCGSearch prides itself on being the biggest, smallest legal job search site in business today. Just because BCGSearch is a smaller company doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the resources available to compete with other companies either, quite the contrary. Being a smaller company with the resources of a larger company has so many advantages it’s remarkable. BCGSearch gives you the attention of the smaller company but has the necessary tools to place you and give you the best opportunity to find the legal job you want. While no company is technically “perfect” (just like people) BCGSearch is about as close to a perfect company as there is.

A. Harrison Barnes has created an empire based on helping people, no matter what field they are in a legal field or otherwise. A. Harrison Barnes knows that BCGSearch, along with numerous job search sites, can only survive if top recruiters and quality professionals are hired. This will ensure that people looking for legal jobs or other will always have some hope for employment.

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