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What happens if you find yourself feeling a sense of familiarity or even you’re speaking with an interviewer who’s contacted you to interview with his firm? You know the feeling – it’s almost as though history is repeating itself. Then, the interviewer tells you the name of the firm you will be interviewing with and it dawns on you, “I interviewed with these folks last year”. A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder of says it’s not uncommon for a law firm to contact a candidate twice over a period of time for two different positions. They may or may not be aware that you’ve already graced their doors once (it could be a different interviewer at the helm this time). If that happens, and it’s a position you’d consider, then by all means, keep your interview. There’s another reason you might not want to pass up on this opportunity, says the founder: you could have been a good fit the first time, but lost out to someone with more experience in a certain area. The law firm may have held on to your resume for a future position that you’d be better suited for. A. Harrison Barnes says it’s also important, once you arrive for the interview, to remind the partner that you spoke with him this time last year (or six months ago, etc.), especially if you see him struggling with where he’s met you before. At that point, you can say, “I really appreciate this second opportunity. I hope I’m a better fit for this position.” That way, you’re eliminating an awkward moment when the interviewer realizes he has spoken with you before. This is another reason it’s so important to keep your resume current. Ideally, it’s changed since you interviewed the first time and even if you’ve freelanced your legal skills, you should be able to bring something else to the table this time. Maybe it’s an online course in a particular area or maybe you’ve attended seminars on what the new health care reform means from a legal stance – just make sure you’ve not been stagnant in the months between interviews. Another consideration the founder points out is that while you may have wanted the job you interviewed for the first time, that doesn’t mean you’re going to like this new position that’s now available. If that’s the case, treat it as though you would any other offer extended to you that you’re not interested in. A polite, “I appreciate the faith you have in me and your generous offer, but I just had a different avenue in mind that I really want to pursue”. Keep it honest and polite. You never know when you’ll come full circle once again and find yourself in front of the partners interviewing for yet another position. This time, though, it may be your dream role.

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