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If you have been practicing law in any private firm for the last many years and are now tired of filling up your employer’s coffers, you can think of the option of starting a solo legal practice. It can be a very good alternative for those law students keen to begin practicing by themselves rather than for someone else. Solo practice is an excellent choice for all those lawyers wishing to work for themselves and not under anyone else. The best thing about solo law practicing is that you are independent and can have all the freedom,

Life of a solo practitioner can be both delightful and difficult. A Harrison Barnes the owner of law jobs portal asks you to remember that every coin has two sides. If you are looking at the advantages of solo practicing, you have to consider some of its disadvantages as well. Solo practice is not an easy job. You have to remember that you are your own boss and you and only you have to take all the decisions, whether they are right or wrong, whether they are good or bad.

No doubt you can earn for yourself as a solo legal practitioner, but if you cannot satisfy your clients and fail to keep them, you may have to struggle financially. This is a bit risky as well as dangerous aspect of the solo legal practice. Only your own ability and expertise in the legal matters will give you a solid client base. Always remember that the points which attract you towards the solo legal practice are very risky and these are the points which repel many from starting their own legal practice. Apart from the inevitable element of risk involved, there are some unrealistic expectations of the solo practitioner and some of the situations he or she faces are not easy to handle. So your decision to begin solo legal practice should be based on your genius as a legal eagle, ability to win and maintain clients, capability to face risks and tackle them well, and moving on with a smile on your face, suggests A Harrison Barnes.

It calls for the qualities of a leader to become a solo legal practitioner, says A Harrison Barnes. You have to lead your own legal practice in your intelligent and independent way. Like an astute company leader, you have to handle so many things and take a number of decisions, everything from the hiring of the attorneys to firing the unwanted ones, from taking care of the cash flowing in to the salary being paid to the employees at the right time. Any decision that is related to the company is to be taken by you.

A Harrison Barnes advises that first of all you should ask yourself and decide whether you are ready to handle and manage all the responsibilities of a solo practitioner. You have to lead the firm in a positive direction along with the employees. You have to take important decisions, handle work load, work for longer hours, manage the scheduling conflicts and every other seemingly small work related to your own solo legal practice. If you are sure that you have it in you to carry out such tasks, you should go ahead with a positive frame of mind.

However, before you take the plunge, make sure that your family and friends are happy with your decision of being a solo legal practitioner. Their support is very essential for you. If they do not lend you their full support, things may become a bit difficult for you. After all, it is these people you feel close to who can encourage you, help you and guide you with every step you take towards the realization of your dreams.

Money is a very crucial part of starting solo legal practice. Without money you cannot do anything, says A Harrison Barnes. Whether you purchase the property for your office or get it on rent, it will cost you quite a bit. You have to be prepared to bear a lot of other expenses, too. They include attractive furniture and office equipment, an assortment of electronic items such as computers and printouts, a rich library of legal books, reference materials, legal research services and, more importantly, salaries of your own little or big staff. Moreover, you have to find ways to save enough money at the same time!

A Harrison Barnes says that in order to become a successful solo legal practitioner, you need to prove to be a good lawyer first. So plan every step that will lead you to the goals you may have set for yourself and move accordingly. If you are talented, confident, smart and bold when it comes to taking some decisions as well as risks, there is no reason why you should not achieve name and fame as a solo legal practitioner.

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