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At present, t legal recruitment industry is characterized by an enormous surge in demand for temporary legal professionals. This is the right moment for many of you who come from a legal background to plunge into the temporary legal employment surge and make quite a few bucks while grabbing some precious work experience as well.  But then before you do that there are a number of important tips that you should have an idea of.

A. Harrison Barnes CEO of, the legal recruitments site says that the current market is simply oozing with numerous opportunities for temporary paralegals and attorneys. These legal professionals are expected to contribute to special projects especially in the preparation stages of certain cases that are of major importance. Among the other temporary legal positions available are HR professionals, IT professionals, Court Runners and Legal Accountants.

Professional Requirements of Temporary Legal Jobs

As A. Harrison Barnes mentions, some of the most seeked after temporary legal positions require candidates to have the experience of having worked in a corporate legal division or law firm or personal attorney’s office.  So for all those of you who have just passed out of law school, it would be handy for you to grab some similar experience adding the zing to your resume while you continue preparing for the bar exam.

Most of the legal temporary jobs comprise of the work of document review. Hence sound experience in a proofing or editing job would be an added bonus. A. Harrison Barnes mentions, while applying for a particular temporary legal job position ensure to prepare a well presented resume which can both be emailed and is printer friendly.  On another level you should be mentally prepared at all stages of the recruitment to carry out a demonstration of your editing, writing and computer application skills too.

In order to start working as a temporary legal professional or a temporary paralegal, candidates need to be well versed with computer applications and also have ample knowledge of the most recent legal software in the industry. In order to work as a temporary paralegal an added requirement would be to be familiar with Westlaw which is the most frequent legal tool used in research. E-discovery review tools, if you have knowledge of, could prove to provide immense help to your cause.

Last but not the least, A. Harrison Barnes points out that candidates looking for temporary legal secretary jobs or legal assistant jobs need to posses the capability to adapt to different environments and mingle amongst new individuals with ease and at a speedy pace. You need to expect a lead to come from anywhere and anyone. Doctors, pharmacists, your local department store guy, anybody could give you a connection to someone in the law field.

The Way Ahead

For all those of you folks out there who are aspiring to embark upon a legal career with a temporary legal professional position and are confident of the fact that they own the required skills; then without wasting any more time you should seek the assistance of an acclaimed staffing/recruitment agency like the BCG Search.

Another very important task that A. Harrison Barnes would like you to do would be to prepare a precise easy to read document with bullet points that would give an exact idea of your prior work experiences and other credentials. For instance, if you are aiming at the position of a temporary attorney mention your work experience, of the different major projects you have handled along with the Bar admittance area.

When appearing for legal jobs with highly regarded agencies, legal candidates are supposed to pass through a thorough an exhaustive pre-screening process. You should have accumulated enough confidence with preparation to face such a strict testing phase beforehand. Be ready to answer in detail about the kind of work you have done, your work experience and the reason that is motivating you to look for a temporary position. In return you need to have a very confident and honest tone about your work experience as well as expertise. As the expert A. Harrison Barnes mentions, you should never even try to lie or overstate your capacities, neither verbally nor on the resume.

A good idea would be to apprise the agency you hire about certain weaknesses you may have regarding facing interviews and other aspects in relation to your job search. Certain pro-active agencies might even offer you effective training in the weak areas, building up on your confidence level.

Finally, when it comes to law employment you need to ready at all times to sell yourself as a brand of immense value to the agency just in the way you would do to a prospective employer. According to A. Harrison Barnes this is one of the vital points you need to focus on. This way it will become a lot easier on the part of the agency to research and come up with the most suitable job position for you. You would need to impress your image on the agency for them to keep you in mind when checking out a new opening. This brand-building exercise would help you out in the long run for your career.

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