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Initially women employed in legal jobs were discriminated on the basis of gender. Most people had the notion that women are too kind to be a successful lawyer. They are not ‘cold-blooded’ thus they cannot practice law as men can. It was also said that they are not aggressive enough to hold a case together. This meant that the legal fees which male lawyers can charge were impossible for women lawyers to even think of charging. They felt that till the time they continue having children and be the primary care givers in their home, they will have to face gender bias.

But times are changing. The situation in the legal field has improved. Women comprise of 30% of all the lawyers in the industry. And the count is gradually increasing. More and more young women are taking interest in the field of law and are stepping into the male dominated field. Law schools are seeing an increased percentage of young women wanting to pursue a career in law. This growing interest of the women in the field shows us that the situation has definitely changed for the better as compared to the past believes A. Harrison Barnes, the creator and the owner of BCG

A. Harrison Barnes is an experienced lawyer himself. He has been in this field for many years now. He has known women in the role of an attorney who have been subjected to such discrimination, but today the very same lawyers feel that the situation has changed for the better. They are now confident of working as an attorney and making a successful career of the same.

A. Harrison Barnes strongly believes that the scenario has changed. A recent survey says that more than 40 women held the chief counsel positions in Fortune 500 companies, above 65 percent women attorneys are engaged in private practice, around 18 percent of U.S. federal district and appellate judges are women and the most importantly two women have sat on the Supreme Court of the United States of America. The survey also speaks of the increased count of young women who are joining the law schools with the aim of becoming a successful lawyer.

In spite of all the harassment which women attorneys have faced, there are a number of women attorneys who have risen to commendable positions in the legal profession. They too had to face discrimination from the days of their law schools. Even after being the toppers of their respective law schools, they did not receive calls from established law firms for interviews. Their count in the law schools has always been equal to their male counterparts but in the real world the count of practicing female attorneys was decreased to less than 30 percent. But even after facing such hindrances there are many successful women lawyers says A. Harrison Barnes.

A. Harrison Barnes speaks of the first women justice who was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’Connor. She is well known for playing a major role in increasing the count of women in the profession of law. She has been in this profession for over twenty four years. She was the one who had continued burning the light of hope for a better legal career in the hearts of the generations of women attorneys. She is considered as a role model for women attorneys.

Even she had to face the same challenges and hurdles, as the other women lawyers have faced for decades, for reaching the position she was in the later part of her legal career. She started facing hurdles right from the days of her law school. She was a brilliant student academically but still she had no offers in her hand from the top legal organizations. She said that she “couldn’t even get an interview for a job in a private firm to practice law”. The scope for women attorneys was more in the public sector than in the private sector.

But today she strongly feels that the scenario has changed. The situation has improved by leaps and bounds compared to what the earlier generation of women lawyers have faced in their days. As A. Harrison Barnes highlights, she once remarked “I have seen a revolution in the legal profession that has resulted in women representing about 40 percent of practicing lawyers in the country today, and slightly over 50 percent of all law school graduates currently”

Women attorneys are now gaining lost ground in the legal industry. They are no longer considered to be “too soft” to be a lawyer. They have shown that they can compete and surpass male lawyers on a number of grounds and will continue to do so. Women lawyers like Sandra Day O’Connor have shown other women lawyers the right way to go ahead with their legal careers and will always be role models for other women layers to emulate.

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