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Every good thing comes with an additional baggage that is not in interest of the person being benefitted. This is a rule of the nature. Interestingly, this is also seen as a part of the human nature. With the creation of the internet, there came a lot of unwanted stuff also; in perspective of Jobs Search – scams and rip-offs that claim to provide you with easy money just by sitting at home!

Here are top 5 signs that will help you detect a work at home scam immediately when you see them!

  • Seeking too Much personal details: The most common trait of most of the work from home scams is to ask for personal details like bank account number and social security number for reference. The truth is that, they never work out the way you want them to; instead revealing too much of personal information can lead you to bankruptcy (arising from theft of data and even money!). Never give out more than intended to.
    If an advertisement appears good, follow through the steps according to their procedure only until when you feel that they are not ripping you off, or trying to extract personal information from you. The moment you feel so, it is time for you to say goodbye to the scheme (read: scam!).
  • Wants you to deposit something before paying in return: This is a new trend amongst work from home offers. Now, going by simple logic and reasoning, why would anyone want you to deposit something when you start working from home? It is not like a branded franchise or something that you have to subscribe to – or is it? The best way to counter such offers is to propose the idea of a pay-cut to them that mentions – they can deduct the subscription amount from your 1st payment when they start sending you ‘millions of dollars’! Notice them slowly taking off from the scene.
  • Lotteries: Online lottery is the worst thing ever. The algorithms are spiked; for sure and creates virtual identities of so-called winners who won millions! Stay clear off any such online lottery schemes that come in your way!
  • Local Newspapers: Local newspapers often host advertisements for Work At Home Jobs that seem to be the best thing that could have ever happened to mankind! Free jobs at home could rather be a trap for innocent people to fall into. Newspapers have nothing to lose here since you cannot really sue the newspaper for publishing that advertisement because the publication takes no responsibility of the authentication of the claims made. It just seeks to make money from advertisements received!
  • Claims to be the best: This is a major point that is highlighted in most of the work from home jobs where the schemes offer the best money that you could have ever made. These astronomical claims are a surely an indicator of a bigger scam at work!

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