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The list of marketing careers is varied. There are a lot of sectors in marketing like brand promotions, market research, advertising and market research to choose from. But there are some qualities that you need to have if you want to make a successful career in marketing.

For starters, you need to have good problem solving skills. Marketing would require you to make an estimate of problems which might arise in the future and solve them. You need to have a good imagination as you would have to market your company’s products or services. And thirdly you need to be able to communicate really well.

In the field of marketing, it is very important to communicate properly with people. Otherwise you never know what strikes how and your company’s reputation might get hampered.

Market Research

When we are talking of a list of marketing jobs, it is important to mention this dynamic sector of the field. Marketing is incomplete without market research. This is the basic operation which decides the target customers and niche, assimilates their needs, desires and hesitations and then markets the product in such a way that it appears to be the sole solution of their worries.

Market research is based on a lot of quantitative data like statistics, interviews, group discussions and the like. If you like doing research and numbers are your favorite, then you would enjoy this work. At the same time, you should also have a rational ability to interpret the numbers.

Brand Management

A main part of jobs in marketing in focused around brand management. Brand managers are key players in the marketing of products or services. They are responsible for creation, management and enhancing the name of a brand. It is they who have to create these brands and associate these with the products.

This means you make a product appear in such a way to the public that they look beyond the cost and functions and get ready to buy it. They also distill out the presence of a brand, figure out the rivals and effectively communicate the uniqueness of the product to the clients.


Marketing jobs in advertising are growing by the number. The job of advertisers is to find suitable ways to sell the product created. They have the impetus to motivate people to buy a product. No matter how much brand managers try, if a product is not properly advertised, it is not possible to sell the products.

Public Relations

The main job of a PR Officer is to portray the company in a positive light no matter how much harm the company has done. PR Officers play a crucial role in marketing work. In the list of marketing careers, PR is one of the most highly paid careers. PR Officers need to have real good communication skills and the ability to work under deadlines. 470

So do you think you have it in you? The best man or woman easily gets money and respect which can only be a dream. If you like challenging jobs then this list of marketing careers is for you to choose from.

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