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Every company has a target and a state of conflict and anarchy can disturb the process of fulfilling company’s mission. For this reason, every company has some set policies and rules meant for it employees at all levels, which are inconsistence with the company’s goal. These policies include directions for the spheres of work ethics, worker conduct, with the higher officers, the other employees and the customers; promotion if more efficient job practices and safety. The company rules are formulated by the human resource management department and the higher managers. Following company policies helps improve one’s goodwill and work record, increasing chances of promotion.

Certain ways to follow company policies can be adopted by the employees. Some of which are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

Firstly one needs to get hold of a manual of the company rules from the department of human resources or the manager. Such a handbook is generally provided during the orientation, to all the company employees.

A thorough reading through the handbook is very important, even if some areas are not meant for the employee’s present position. Special emphasis is to be given definitely to the portions relevant to one’s own job position.

Keeping a non-critical, open mind would help one to internalize the policies rather than counter them.

After making an effort to internalize the policies, one should try assessing one’s personal work patterns and habits. Some of them may natural be consistent with the directions of the handbook. But rectification in accordance to the company rules is desired for those habits that do not comply with the policies.

Necessary changes should be brought about for the habits that are undesirable. Adjustment is the key to following the rules.

One could also make a note in his own work area of these changes and keep review them often. Specially learning the “don’ts” among the rules is important.

One  could also put up a things to do list on their table own wall so that they are punctual and prompt with their work helping them to stick to company rules.

Following company policies should not be viewed as an imposition that needs to be followed blindly against one’s willed. It makes it easier to adhere to when one understands that these rules are no personal attacks rather policies meant for each and every one who receives a pay check from the company.

If it is borne in mind that company policies are meant to bring stability and foster harmony among the workers and make the work process uniform for everyone, adhering to company rules would become easier.

Customers value company rules. Customers prefer companies with scrupulous, non-exploitative policies. One can follow company policies by tending to the customer the way the rules suggest the employee to. This satisfies the customer and brings in consumer loyalty.

How to follow the rules at work can be an easy project to take up if one wishes to. It improves the impression of the employee in the eyes of the co-workers as well as the seniors and can pave the way to future promotion.

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