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When the world is waking up to environmental issues, no one should be left behind in this movement. The revolution to go green, that is gaining momentum in the recent times beckons all and sundry. Only with each and every one’s contribution can this planet be saved. And best for each of us is to start with the places where we spent most of our days at- home and office.

Ways to go green at the office can be innumerable! How to go green at work is a pertinent question that needs to be immediately responded to. Some ways to go green at office have been enlisted right here.

  • Electricity- it is a widely known fact that electricity should be conserved especially in today’s time when saving all kinds of natural resources is our top priority. Within the boundary of electricity falls two major categories- the use of lights and computers.

ü                                                                                                                            Every time one goes out for at least 15 minutes from the work area, it is best to switch off the lights.

ü                                                                                                                            Again, maximum use of the natural light, that is the sunlight should be made. The office should be designed in a pattern to be receptive of the natural lighting till late afternoon or evening.

ü                                                                                                                            Light bulbs that are energy star rated should be use since they consume 2/3rd less energy than the normal ones.

ü                                                                                                                            Use of advanced technology of sensors can be made by which the on and off of the light would be done by the sensors. That way lights would go off the moment the office s empty.

If the light consumes 44% of electricity in an office, then computers are their ready competitors. $1 billion is spent unreasonably on electricity consumed by computers in an office.

ü                                                                                                                            Switch off the computers as well as take out its plug while leaving office. While taking short breaks, put the computer to sleep because putting the screen saver on does not at all save a wee bit of energy.

ü                                                                                                                            Buy only monitors, computers, printers and scanners that save energy. The old ones should be recycled too.

Other than this, regarding the printer, things could be done too:

ü                                                                                                                            Getting prints on both sides of the paper. Avoiding color printing and maximizing draft printing.

ü                                                                                                                            Buying chlorine-free recycled papers as well as cartridges for the printers that are remanufactured. That’s how to make your own work green.

  • The recycle mantra: most things can be recycled

ü   Reduction in waste of paper: paper should be recycled whenever possible. Making it a    point not to print unless absolutely necessary.

ü   Office supplies and the office furniture should be a product of recycled materials.

  • ·Save Water: reducing consumption of packaged drinking water by providing water purifier in the office.
  • ·Save fuel- the transport should be considered too. Instead of commuting by rental cars and personal cars for each one, an alternative can be thought out. Travelling in bus, trains, metro as well as sharing cars, car pool etc would be one way of going green at work.

Green ideas for work can also include planting trees in pots in the office. These methods are the easiest answers to the question of how to go green at work.

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