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A good resume is very essential for getting into a good job. The first impression a recruited has of a candidate is through his/her resume. It is hence very essential that you make the most of this first impression. You should tailor your resume in such a way that it comprises of all your strong points and past achievements. The resume should be interesting and do not make it too lengthy or it lacks the crispness. After you are ready with your resume the question arises as to where should you post your resume.

My first suggestion would be to keep your eyes and ears open. Stay up to date with all the recent trends of your industry. You should know when a particular company is hiring. What are they looking for in their prospective employees, etc. If you stay aware of all the news you are sure not to miss any major recruitment. Go through the Employment Opportunities pages of all the major newspapers and job websites. This is the best way to be aware of the job openings. One should post resumes right after college. It’s very essential to let your resume be floating in the job market. It also gives you experience which will tell you of your positives and negatives.

The evolution of internet has made it very easy for the masses to post office resumes. Everything is now at the click of a mouse. I suggest you use it well and drive the maximum benefit possible from it. Post online resumes and you can be sure of getting into a job soon. There are hundreds of websites which are specially dedicated to job search and online resume submission. You can just fill in a simple form and upload your online resume for thousands of recruiters to go through. These websites are visited by thousands of companies daily looking for fresh talent. It’s always good to have your resume posted in as many of websites as possible. You can also leave your resumes uploaded in networking sites like Linkedin. This networking site links up thousands of corporate individuals globally.

Submitting resumes in recruiting agencies is also a good idea. These recruiting agencies are also contacted by several of recruiters and you are sure to have your resume in good hands. You can also get in touch with a few resume managers who are experts in this field and who can give you the right suggestion as to what to do about your resume. Resume managers though they come at  cost are usually very efficient in the work they do.

Resume blasting is again very essential. If you want to post college resume you should start resume blasting. In the initial stages of your career this is very essential. Let me tell you what it actually it. It refers to bombarding your resume in as many places as possible. The more places your resumes goes to the more chances that it attracts a recruiters eye.

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