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Advertising careers have traditionally been heralded as one of the most promising careers. This is simply because of the great many opportunities offered in this field. In fact, the world is at your feet if you have a good advertising job. This is because the advertising industry is a glamorous, rewarding industry and you, as an advertiser can enjoy a great lifestyle, if you know how to do your job right.

Advertising salaries are another reason why people flock to careers in advertising. The salaries offered are quite good. In the initial stages, the salaries are befitting of entry level advertising jobs, just like in any other industry; but the special thing about marketing is that once a person embarks on an advertising career, they advance very fast and with the promotions come fatter and fatter pay checks!

Some Advertising Jobs

So what kind of advertising jobs should you be looking at?

  • Marketing and advertising positions with corporations and large firms. These are really important jobs and ones which are also quite crucial for the progress of the firm because they determine the sales.
  • Fashion marketing and advertising is another career which is very promising. You can also enjoy the perks of wearing an occasional designer dress or two!  But you will also have to have a really good knowledge of the fashion industry and you have to use this knowledge to market your products in unique ways.
  • Publishing houses also offer very rewarding advertising jobs. This will enable you to spread your creative wings. You will be required to handle both the creative and the marketing departments. But trust me, at the end of the day, being behind the success of a promotion campaign for a book is very, very rewarding.
  • Advertising firms – Working in an advertising firm offers yet another opportunity to channelize or build on all that creativity which is an innate part of every advertising professional. You can advertise products for different companies and enjoy freebies in the process as well!
  • Advertising jobs in communications are extremely important and in demand and especially useful for large firms. Corporate communications is a very important part of a PR course. How target customers perceive any particular company is determined by this field of advertising, so it is quite crucial that every company has only the best and most adept professionals on board.
  • Marketing or advertising jobs in the field of media are also very popular and rewarding. This is useful because marketing and media go hand in hand.
  • Entry level marketing job opportunities should be snapped up as soon as possible. The salary isn’t important, the learning experience is.
  • Marketing and advertising internships – It is very important to have some experience of the advertising industry before you plunge headlong into it. Internships give you this opportunity.
  • Marketing jobs also need managers and these positions are extremely coveted. So this is one advertising job opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.
  • PR professional – This is not directly an advertising job, but it is related and often high paying!

So what are you waiting for, choose from a variety of advertising careers today!

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