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In the past there were hardly any incidences of sick leave abuse associated with HR jobs in reading. Most people who did take sick leave, did so because they were genuinely sick. Even most fathers would not have to take time off to care for a small child because the mother stayed at home. However, there has been an increase in the amount of sick leave abuse.

Sick leave abuse occurs when a person takes sick leave when they are not really sick. It could be for various reasons such as they are going on vacation, have a meeting or had too much partying the night before. Some employers have noticed that sick leave abuse is more frequent during the days when there is great weather such as the summertime or right before a long holiday weekend. Instead of the amount of absences decreasing, it seems as if the trend to abuse the time taken for sick leave has grown.

How This Affects A Company

This is a constant struggle with companies as they have employees who will take excessive sick leave. This is paid sick leave and the company loses in so many ways. For example, the work piles up in the employee’s absence and the company has to pay the employee for the time they are taking to say they are sick but actually they may be going on a trip. The situation can worsen if the employee is the only person in the company who is trained to complete the work.

Some companies which employ people in HR jobs in reading are concerned that this might start an epidemic of workers at the location calling in sick. Usually this does not happen, but there is a risk if the matter of sick leave abuse is not addressed.

Reasons for Sick Leave Abuse

Even though it is not justifiable, the employee with excessive sick days off should be spoken to by the human resources department. There might be a serious problem happening within the employee’s personal life that warrants them to call in sick on number occasions, for example: domestic violence. The employee might also have a bad relationship with their manager and the thought of them going into work might propel the person to call in sick.

In some situations, the employee can be suffering from stress on the job. When we think of sickness we think of the flu or another medical condition. However, work-related stress can have a negative effect on an employee. This can lead them to take a large number of sick days.

Therefore, sick leave abuse is a serious situation for companies, but can also show an underlying problem with an employee. Instead of an HR jobs in reading company assuming that the employee is only calling in sick to have fun, they should investigate the situation.

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