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When talking about jobs in special education, exploring options of pupil voice in primary schools comes to mind. This is a consultative wing of pupil participation. It involves talking with pupils about things involving school activities like: teaching and learning; taking their views about new initiatives; welcoming comments to solving problems affecting the teacher’s right to teach and the pupil’s right to learn. There is more than one reason to involve children in the research process. School councils are more influential in primaries. Moreover, giving children a voice means believing that the research will become more meaningful with their views and experiences.

Careers in special education
Some jobs need special education degree. Jobs in special education come in this list. Importance of democratic participation and children’s contribution to the decision-making process is essential for the development of various aspects of their lives. Educators also realise that contributing to the research process makes the child more confident and geared up for personal development. And hence we see many school councils in action, using Internet mainly to promote student voice. This research which is often described as participatory, extends to the active participation of kids in the research process, or involves children exclusively leading the research process.

How does school council work?
Live examples of pupil voice can be seen in schools in the East Midlands. There are primary schools of medium size and in each school children are elected to its council and one of the candidate gives information regarding the personal qualities they can bring to the council. The students were well prepared before elections via assemblies and other activities. The council meetings were held weekly wherein students could suggest how they wanted all activities to go about in their school. Some schools even provided small sums of money to the council to organise various events and raise additional funds. These activities involved dress-down days, sponsored events, bring and buy sales and stalls at Christmas/summer fairs, etc. To train these kids and turn them in the right direction at the right time is what jobs in special education are meant to do. And supporting this activity means taking a step towards the child’s growth both mentally and psychologically.

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