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When your company is choosing a public relations firm to work with, it’s important first to understand how people who hold marketing public relations jobs can be an asset to your business and what exactly public relations firms do. The main function of public relations companies is to arrange for your company’s products and services to be covered in print, broadcast, or Internet media, and create the image the company presents in those media.

PR is a separate function from advertising, which is specifically designed to generate sales. There is a tendency to get them confused, particularly in the world of online social media and blogs. However, it is crucial to understand the differences before hiring anyone for marketing public relations jobs.

Some of the areas PR firms cover are supporting advertising campaigns by raising visibility for a company or product, keeping investors and employees informed, creating connections with governmental and community organizations, and providing advice and direction when emergencies occur and breaking news affects your company image.

Once you’ve developed an understanding of the range of services PR firms offer, you can begin thinking about what do you need them to do. What issues are you looking to address? It’s equally important that you know what you don’t want from your PR firm.
Sometimes small companies are tempted to go for a large, big name firm. The possible problem is that you might be seen as “small fry” in their client base and therefore not a top priority for them.

Far more important than size is whether or not the firm has expertise in your business area. It’s better to work with someone who, through experience in marketing public relations jobs, already understands your markets and competitors, rather than someone who must take time to come up to speed on your industry. A PR person who is aware of the various associations, forums, and mailing lists online related to your business will be a valuable partner.

Some business owners and managers believe they can handle Internet PR on their own, only to find out the hard way that it’s more difficult than it looks. In order to reach the Internet savvy consumer, it is necessary to know exactly where and how to connect with them. It’s also important to keep up with what’s being said online about your company. This is a very time consuming job and part of the reason for hiring a PR firm is to let them keep track of this kind of thing while you and your staff concentrate on your core business.

Compensation is another consideration. In your initial meetings, you should work out whether payment will be on a retainer, per project, or by way of some other arrangement.

You will also want to be clear on who your contact person at the agency will be. Your communications with that person will be the key to getting the most out of your public relations firm. They will have to know your business well and might be your best ally when your company hits a crisis of some kind. When it comes to marketing public relations jobs, you want to find someone with whom you have real rapport as well as a business connection.

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