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There are times that a professional will feel the need to resign from a post they are currently holding, and many need Resignation Advice in order to be able to resign with dignity and grace. Many people who resign from a jobend up doing so improperly, which could lead to a strained relationship between them and their former employers. Follow the Resignation Advice laid out below in order to resign in a way that leaves all parties content.

In deciding whether to resign from a position, it is important that the decision is well though out and the reasons for resigning made clear. There are many times that the person who is to resign has not explored all avenues, and resigning is premature. However, if there is no choice but to resign, make sure that the reasons for the resignation are clear.

If the decision to resign is final, it must be followed through. Employers will often offer a better position or salary to prize employees who are resigning, but it is simply an act of desperation. If the decision has been made, there should be no feelings of guilt over the resignation, and the one resigning should not give in to the offers. Ask friends and family for Resignation Advice as to how to handle any feelings of guilt over departing a company.

Many companies have a policy regarding the notice required before an employee is free from the contract signed, and it is important to know the terms of the contract in order to know how much advanced notice is needed to hand in one’s resignation letter. It is important that the time left on the contract is served cheerfully and properly, and work standards should not drop simply because one is resigning. Complete any assigned tasks promptly in order to make the transition period easier.

It is important that one continues to work in a productive manner in order to keep the option to return to the company open. Many times, people have found that they were happier in their previous post, but due to mishandling of the period prior to their resignation, they are unable to return to their former company. Finishing the period in a cheerful and willing manner, being helpful, and finishing any assigned tasks are all things that will give the departing employee a chance to return to the company in the future should it be necessary.

There is a good chance that the employer will be angry, shout, or threaten. It is important that the one handing in the resignation letter keeps cool and does not respond in like manner. Be grateful for the employment, but be firm that the decision is final. Refrain from offering any criticism on the boss, company, or colleagues, regardless of whether it is constructive or not.

The exit interview is a very important part of a resignation, and it is important that the one resigning maintains a positive attitude towards his current company. Most Resignation Advice given by former employees recommends avoiding an exit interview if possible.

Keep any details of the following employment as confidential as possible, but make sure to communicate with any former colleagues or former bosses once established in the new position.

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