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A marketing managers job is a key position in an organization. Since all success in a company begins with selling a service or a product to interested customers, the company’s ability to reach the customer is critical. This is where the marketing manager comes into play, devising the methods and the means to reach these customers and to facilitate generating the sale. Key elements of a marketing manager’s role are:

• Creating and executing a marketing budget

• Researching customer trends

• Analyzing market opportunities

• Determining the marketing mix

• Setting objectives and goals

• Helping to define the company mission

A marketing managers job requires the development and execution of a marketing budget. The budget will include key elements such as an allocation for advertising, competitive analysis, the cost of marketing personnel, and other functions needed to present the product offering to the potential end user. Allocating for the expenses to perform surveys of buying patterns, important product features, and determining functionality for the end user are all items that must be addressed as part of the marketing budget. New product development is also a key feature of marketing management as the marketing department is generally responsible for being the driving force in any organization for interfacing with the customer. Determining what will be sold, and how, are two key elements of the overall budgeting process. The allocations of revenues to support the marketing actions are the foundation for growth in any organization.

Marketing departments are generally very tightly linked with the sales department if not one and the same.   Although the sales function is more tactical whereas marketing is more strategic in nature, these two functions go hand in hand. In addition, very close bonds are necessary between the marketing function and engineering as new product designs must be developed to meet the anticipated customer requirements determined as part of the customer survey results performed by the marketing department.

Dependant upon the overall size of the organization, the requirements in a Marketing Managers Job may vary significantly in terms of their personal responsibilities. Small organizations will require a marketing manager to wear a number of different hats and to perform a wide variety of the tasks necessary to develop the marketing plan and budget. Larger organizations will be able to have specialists in specific areas that the manager will be able to draw upon for the development of strategic initiatives. All of this leads to the overriding necessity for the marketing manager being responsible for determining the what opportunities are available in the market place and what product mix will best meet the customers requirements based on the overall mission of the company.

Closely linked to the budget, setting sales objectives and goals are a common responsibility in a marketing managers job. Budgets are closely linked to the revenues anticipated as part of the overall sales function. By setting a sales goal, one establishes what the expected total revenues will be, and therefore what associated costs can be undertaken that will ultimately impact the overall profitability of the organization. Failure to properly market the product will result in lower sales. Lower sales will result in lower profits if cost cannot be reduced accordingly.

Marketing plays a critical role in defining the overall mission and vision for the company. It is responsible for answering the big picture question “”Why are we in business?”" A solid organization will develop a principal mission statement that everyone can rally behind in terms of providing a direction or vision of the future. Generally speaking the marketing effort, and a very large part of the Marketing Managers Job will be to review the company’s mission and vision at least on an annual basis as part of the planning and budget generation process.

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