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If seeking a sap hr career that’s exciting, challenging, and rewarding, then you might want to consider training to become an ERP consultant! Independent ERP consultants are professionals trained in the field of ERP who practice and operate their own consultancy firm. You will acquire and tend to a set of clients of your own. Therefore, you will be working on your own and not under any senior advisor. In a way, you are your own boss, running your own business. You and your company will be contracted for implementation of ERP services.

You will not be connected to any other tool maker for ERP. In this way, interest conflict is sure to be avoided. Your consultancy services will be paid for solely by the client. It is recommended that you do not charge according to percentage of implementation. This is based on the logic that ERP consultants are meant to provide the perfect solution at the perfect budget. Using percentages provides incentive for escalation of prices.

When you work in this sap hr career, you’re going to have to handle the following duties and responsibilities very well:

1. Identifying and Understanding Needs: You will review all practices and volumes of the business. Based upon this, a recommendation will be made about the feasibility and advisability to implement ERP. You will also provide analysis on whether ERP will bring benefits to the client’s business or not. Such benefits may be enablers too, and do not necessarily have to be top or bottom line ones.

2. Recommend a team for implementation: As an ERP consultant, you need to create skill matrix for recommendations and implementations of skills. You will also advise regarding the capacity required for implementing the tool.

3. Budget Recommendation: Independent ERP consultant will recommend a budget to clients for the ERP plan of implementation. This will be based upon the potential business benefits. It will be required to incorporate a payback time not exceeding 3 years. In cases where the business is experiencing huge growth, this payback time period may be exceeded.

4. Experimentation: As the field of ERP is constantly evolving, you are encouraged to be experimental in your consultancy and keep up to date with latest trends in sap hr career.

5. Progress of Skill: Your competency in the field or ERP should be increased and enhanced through undertakings of various training programs and continuous development.

6. Social Networking: To establish yourself as an expert in ERP consultancy both online and offline as well as draw in more clients, you’ll need to learn how to effectively use social media and networking to your benefit.

7. Administrative Duties: Since you’re more or less running your own business, you’ll have to take on administrative duties unto yourself from time to time to keep expenses down or until you can afford to hire employees to handle that side of it.

8. Beat out the Competition: Competition in ERP consultancy is fierce. You’ll need to keep on your toes and be informed at all times, making quick decisions to stay ahead of your competition.

Working as an independent ERP consultant in the sap hr career sector can be fulfilling and fruitful if the required effort is put into it.

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