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An internship resume is the most important tool for intern careers. Writing a good resume is not that difficult. One should have an idea about sequencing the information in a proper way. A bit of creativity, proper proofreading and good assembling of the entire information is all that is required to get intern jobs of your choice. Summer intern careers are very popular among college students but many times they do not have the money to get professional help in writing their resume nor do they have the adequate experience of writing it personally. In such cases, if certain guidelines are followed, a considerably decent resume can be assembled by an amateur.

Maintaining a proper order

It is mandatory that a certain order in providing information be maintained in a resume. For example, the contact information goes the first thing on the top of the resume which includes the candidate’s address, email; phone number etc. The education follows after that. The current qualifications are mentioned first working your way backwards. Here one can include GPA if it is 3.5 or above. Then should be honors and awards related to school. Awards from the community or a youth group can go in a separate section. Then comes the main part that is the experience. Include internships, intern jobs, volunteer positions, extracurricular activities, and special projects that you have undertaken. This information helps the most for intern careers. Skills and interest go last.

Various formats used for internship resume

Chronological or functional format to organize the experience section are popular options. Chronological resumes begin with most recent experiences and go backward. It should show a steady progression of skills and interests one has developed over years. In a functional resume you have to divide the experience into subject areas to show your strengths. Highlighting particular areas of interest will help here. Intern careers are becoming an essential part of a student’s learning. It is therefore essential to write out a reader friendly resume to attain the desired job. It is upon your personal discretion to choose from chronological resumes or functional ones. A functional resume demands that you have enough activity in each functional area. Having just one creative job or project in an entire separate section does not make sense.

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