Sunday September 19, 2021

Advertising Jobs – Top 10 Advertising Job Opportunities

Advertising careers have traditionally been heralded as one of the most promising careers. This is simply because of the great many opportunities offered in this field. In fact, the world is at your feet if you have a good advertising job. This is because the advertising industry is a glamorous, rewarding industry and you, as an advertiser can enjoy a great lifestyle, if you know how to do your job right.

Advertising salaries are another reason why people flock to careers in advertising. The salaries offered are quite good. In the initial stages, the salaries are befitting of entry level advertising jobs, just like in any other industry; but the special thing about marketing is that once a person embarks on an advertising career, they advance very fast and with the promotions come fatter and fatter pay checks!

Some Advertising Jobs

So what kind of advertising jobs should you be looking at?

  • Marketing and advertising positions with corporations and large firms. These are really important jobs and ones which are also quite crucial for the progress of the firm because they determine the sales.
  • Fashion marketing and advertising is another career which is very promising. You can also enjoy the perks of wearing an occasional designer dress or two!  But you will also have to have a really good knowledge of the fashion industry and you have to use this knowledge to market your products in unique ways.
  • Publishing houses also offer very rewarding advertising jobs. This will enable you to spread your creative wings. You will be required to handle both the creative and the marketing departments. But trust me, at the end of the day, being behind the success of a promotion campaign for a book is very, very rewarding.
  • Advertising firms – Working in an advertising firm offers yet another opportunity to channelize or build on all that creativity which is an innate part of every advertising professional. You can advertise products for different companies and enjoy freebies in the process as well!
  • Advertising jobs in communications are extremely important and in demand and especially useful for large firms. Corporate communications is a very important part of a PR course. How target customers perceive any particular company is determined by this field of advertising, so it is quite crucial that every company has only the best and most adept professionals on board.
  • Marketing or advertising jobs in the field of media are also very popular and rewarding. This is useful because marketing and media go hand in hand.
  • Entry level marketing job opportunities should be snapped up as soon as possible. The salary isn’t important, the learning experience is.
  • Marketing and advertising internships – It is very important to have some experience of the advertising industry before you plunge headlong into it. Internships give you this opportunity.
  • Marketing jobs also need managers and these positions are extremely coveted. So this is one advertising job opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.
  • PR professional – This is not directly an advertising job, but it is related and often high paying!

So what are you waiting for, choose from a variety of advertising careers today!

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Education Sales Representative

There are many global based education companies that draw a huge amount as their revenue every year. They are really doing well and to run their organization they require skilled professionals. Their main work basically comprises of giving solutions to papers for both national as well as international exams for both graduation and post graduation students.

Not only students, there are materials in text formats which are provided to their professors or teachers as well. And practice papers are very often generated in this regard.

So you see, these are very dynamic organizations and to run their work they need people with various skills. Such organizations are always on the look out for education sales representatives.

These education representatives who are highly required in these organizations are responsible for providing service to students who are interested in adult education.

The representative is expected to make calls to education centers, correctional faculties, colleges, district offices and high schools and also may be expected to pay sales visit. They play a pivotal role in establishing professional relationships with these centers.

They have to very often visit educational conferences and report the kind of service their organization is efficient in providing. They have to exclusively put certain facts in light which makes their institution stand apart from the rest and state the importance and the absolute requirement of their material and service in order to excel in this field very convincingly.

They are the people who are supposed to shoulder the responsibility of strategizing and executing sales plan from time to time. These plans are different from one region to another, so accordingly it should be designed. Based on the report of revenue they need to target key accounts.

Starting from follow up strategies to developing and designing of educational sales campaign are all done by these men.

They are expected to complete the monthly report on time which would exhibit the condition and situation in various territories. And on a weekly basis the education sales representative has to complete the expense reports.

The budget of the organization has to be managed and assigned by this person itself. It is very important that the personnel are maintaining an outlook calendar where one can browse for any development on a weekly as well as monthly basis.

He should be able to grasp the importance of all the major products of such an organization actually. And if customer on site support is required then he is expected to provide that as well. There can be situations where he might be expected to give sales presentation as well. A follow up in service training is also required from time to time which has to be arranged by this person.

Educational requirements are usually a B.A. /B.S. in the related field. If this person have a teaching experience then it is even better for him or her to bag a job in any of these organizations. Most of these good organizations are usually not ready to take fresher and hence I lay my stress over experience.

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Career Education Search

If you think that you are the only one who happens to be confused as to what career you should choose and feel dejected then I must let you know that you are not the only one. There are many young as well as old people who at different points of their lives may require some career counseling.

You should really heave a sigh of relief because the career education websites are coming up these days which can bring an end to your queries and as such planning for your career will any day prove to be beneficial for both your present and future.

Now career education has a very broad spectrum. As the society is evolving every day this field is also changing its features and objectives. Now a career education job is all about helping out students in selecting a right career path for them selves and also suggest them the kind of study material that would help them the most.

The professional working in this industry tries to make it as convenient as possible for you. They try to incorporate such courses over the net where the students can help learn things all by themselves and improve on their skills. If they encounter any kind of problem then they come up with their problems to these people who help them out.

The responsibilities and objectives that these professionals need to work with are the following.

Building the career of the student

From providing career guidebooks for students to providing relevant links from where they can get career advice all happen to be the responsibility of these professionals. They work with the motive that they would build a very strong career base of the pupil and make him or her feel very confident.

Career driven education is provided

The people who are working in career education industry have to provide relevant information to students and interested candidates about some good masters programs that are available all over the world. They should help them out with the admission procedures as well.

They should let them know about the exams for which they can appear and what should be the mode of preparation for these exams clearly. They should also be in a position to advice the pupils on the career options that are now available to the person when one gets to complete his or her education.

Along with career education career options should also be provided by them

At any point of time the professional working in this post should be able to analyze your character and understand your educational background and come up with ideas of career options which you can think of going.

If you think the career options are too vast for you with the kind of qualification you have then they can shortlist some for you and arrange them according to the importance. They would be arranged in such a way where the first option is the one which is best suited for you.

So these can be your expectations when it comes to career education search.

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Post Resumes – How to Know Where to Post Your Resume

A good resume is very essential for getting into a good job. The first impression a recruited has of a candidate is through his/her resume. It is hence very essential that you make the most of this first impression. You should tailor your resume in such a way that it comprises of all your strong points and past achievements. The resume should be interesting and do not make it too lengthy or it lacks the crispness. After you are ready with your resume the question arises as to where should you post your resume.

My first suggestion would be to keep your eyes and ears open. Stay up to date with all the recent trends of your industry. You should know when a particular company is hiring. What are they looking for in their prospective employees, etc. If you stay aware of all the news you are sure not to miss any major recruitment. Go through the Employment Opportunities pages of all the major newspapers and job websites. This is the best way to be aware of the job openings. One should post resumes right after college. It’s very essential to let your resume be floating in the job market. It also gives you experience which will tell you of your positives and negatives.

The evolution of internet has made it very easy for the masses to post office resumes. Everything is now at the click of a mouse. I suggest you use it well and drive the maximum benefit possible from it. Post online resumes and you can be sure of getting into a job soon. There are hundreds of websites which are specially dedicated to job search and online resume submission. You can just fill in a simple form and upload your online resume for thousands of recruiters to go through. These websites are visited by thousands of companies daily looking for fresh talent. It’s always good to have your resume posted in as many of websites as possible. You can also leave your resumes uploaded in networking sites like Linkedin. This networking site links up thousands of corporate individuals globally.

Submitting resumes in recruiting agencies is also a good idea. These recruiting agencies are also contacted by several of recruiters and you are sure to have your resume in good hands. You can also get in touch with a few resume managers who are experts in this field and who can give you the right suggestion as to what to do about your resume. Resume managers though they come at  cost are usually very efficient in the work they do.

Resume blasting is again very essential. If you want to post college resume you should start resume blasting. In the initial stages of your career this is very essential. Let me tell you what it actually it. It refers to bombarding your resume in as many places as possible. The more places your resumes goes to the more chances that it attracts a recruiters eye.

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Resume Post – Myths about Resume Posting Online

Let’s take a look at eight common job search myths…and the reality behind them:

The best qualified individual gets the job.

Actually, it’s the best candidate who gets the job. That person may or may not be the best qualified. Understand the difference.

Job Boards are the best source of leads.

Your network is the best source of leads. Its fine to check online and to peruse the want ads…but don’t spend too much time there. Most jobs are never posted.

It’s nearly impossible to find those hidden jobs.

Not if you put some work into it, and if you’re purposeful about how you go about it. Make sure people know about your search. They can’t help you if they don’t know you’re looking. Keep working to expand your network. Every meeting with another person is a potential networking opportunity. Think about who might be able to help you – even if it’s someone you don’t know yet – and figure out how you can go about meeting that person.

Thank you letters are passé.

If you don’t really want the job, skip the thank you letter. Otherwise, you’d better write one. It’s your last chance to sell yourself – to underscore why you’re the person who can help solve whatever problem it is the hiring manager is facing.

Your recruiter works for you.

No, no, no. He works for the hiring company. His job is to fill the open position with the best candidate – as defined by the hiring company. If you’re a good match, it’s in the head-hunter’s best interest to try to close the deal and get you placed. But you’re not paying him, and he’s not an employment agent.

Offering to take a cut in salary will boost your chances of landing the job.

That depends – on how much of a cut we’re talking about, and how you bring it up. Flexibility is important – even in this market, you’d be surprised how many candidates draw a line in the sand regarding what they will and will not accept. Still, it’s important that you broach the subject at the right time, especially if it’s a significant decrease from what you were previously earning (say, 20%). You don’t want to come off as desperate, and neither do you want to be perceived as someone who will bolt the minute the employment situation improves.

The hiring company will contact you if they’re interested.

Maybe! Maybe not! Don’t sit back and wait for the phone call, especially in this tight job market. Submit your resume, wait a week, and then follow up.

University Employment Resources are only for kids.

Career assistance isn’t limited solely to recent graduates. Whether or not your alma mater offers a robust slate of services is another story – but you won’t know if you don’t check it out. You might find things like career coaching or counselling, networking events, and recruitment firm referrals. Go to your school’s website and see if there’s some sort of Career Centres, online community, or yellow pages.

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Post Your Resume Online – Top 10 Tips for Posting a Resume

A resume is your first step towards a job. Now it is very essential that it has the right impact on the interviewer. Your being called for a job interview and finally being hired in the job all depends upon the resume. Here are the top 10 tips for posting a resume.

1)      Customize your resume for every particular job application. Different Jobs Opportunity have different requirements hence it is very essential that you make your resume in accordance to the job at hand.

2)      A candidate usually does not have more than half a minute to attract the recruiter towards him. A written profile does it far better than anything else. Once you are done with composing your resume let a third person read it and judge if the description matches that of yours.

3)      Just in case you are looking for a completely Career Opportunity than the one you were into make sure that you mention vital points like things you are good at, what you love doing and what is your special trait something which an individual will pay you for.

4)      Elaborate all your past achievements in previous jobs. Be it exceeding targets or winning awards, project completions or attracting new clients your resume should have all your past accomplishments.

5)      Do not go for gimmicks like fancy photos, designed papers, etc. It sometimes gets your application almost instantaneously rejected.

6)      Make sure you print the resume on A4 papers. One should always use high quality paper if the resumes are to be hand delivered rather than being emailed. A plain official font like Times Roman or Ariel should be preferred over fancier ones. Use a font size of 10 or 11. For online submissions it’s good to submit a rtf or pdf extension files to avoid compatibility issues.

7)      Do not make the resume too long. A maximum of three pages should be your target. Give only information which is relevant for your recruiters’ purpose and not everything that you have ever done. Remember too long is often too boring. Besides your recruiter will not have so much of time to dedicate to a single resume.

8)      Use keywords which are unique to the industry you are applying to. This creates a bigger impact on the recruiters. Also where the sorting of resumes is done via software’s, these keywords give a better choice to the resume which has it.

9)      Double check your resume for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Also see to it that none of the sentences are excessively long. Short and crisp sentences are what catch the eye.

10)   Cover letters are very essential as the recruiter sees it first and then reads the resume. It is advisable to mention some of your success stories in bullet points on the cover letter to draw attention. Cover letters should be generally addressed to a particular individual and you should sign it off with a ‘yours sincerely’. Just in case there is an unnamed recruiter sign off by ‘yours faithfully.’

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List of Marketing Careers

The list of marketing careers is varied. There are a lot of sectors in marketing like brand promotions, market research, advertising and market research to choose from. But there are some qualities that you need to have if you want to make a successful career in marketing.

For starters, you need to have good problem solving skills. Marketing would require you to make an estimate of problems which might arise in the future and solve them. You need to have a good imagination as you would have to market your company’s products or services. And thirdly you need to be able to communicate really well.

In the field of marketing, it is very important to communicate properly with people. Otherwise you never know what strikes how and your company’s reputation might get hampered.

Market Research

When we are talking of a list of marketing jobs, it is important to mention this dynamic sector of the field. Marketing is incomplete without market research. This is the basic operation which decides the target customers and niche, assimilates their needs, desires and hesitations and then markets the product in such a way that it appears to be the sole solution of their worries.

Market research is based on a lot of quantitative data like statistics, interviews, group discussions and the like. If you like doing research and numbers are your favorite, then you would enjoy this work. At the same time, you should also have a rational ability to interpret the numbers.

Brand Management

A main part of jobs in marketing in focused around brand management. Brand managers are key players in the marketing of products or services. They are responsible for creation, management and enhancing the name of a brand. It is they who have to create these brands and associate these with the products.

This means you make a product appear in such a way to the public that they look beyond the cost and functions and get ready to buy it. They also distill out the presence of a brand, figure out the rivals and effectively communicate the uniqueness of the product to the clients.


Marketing jobs in advertising are growing by the number. The job of advertisers is to find suitable ways to sell the product created. They have the impetus to motivate people to buy a product. No matter how much brand managers try, if a product is not properly advertised, it is not possible to sell the products.

Public Relations

The main job of a PR Officer is to portray the company in a positive light no matter how much harm the company has done. PR Officers play a crucial role in marketing work. In the list of marketing careers, PR is one of the most highly paid careers. PR Officers need to have real good communication skills and the ability to work under deadlines. 470

So do you think you have it in you? The best man or woman easily gets money and respect which can only be a dream. If you like challenging jobs then this list of marketing careers is for you to choose from.

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International Marketing Careers

International marketing careers are hot cakes in this era of globalization. This is one field where both the young and old can work alongside each other with equal gusto. What you need in marketing is a razor sharp mind coupled with a great imaginative power.

The combination of zest of the young and the experience and maturity of the old can work wonders in this field. In fact, international marketing has become so popular as a career that they are taught at a primary level in schools around the world!

Marketing is one of the basic functions of a company. It is the intermediary between its production and product sales. The pay is wonderful and it acts as a challenge to individuals. This is why marketing as a career is growing in demand with time.

International marketing jobs are definitely not easy to get. But one of the positive aspects of globalization is that a lot of multinational companies have set up their branches in different countries. This is why it has become more possible to access international marketing work. However you have to keep one thing in mind.

To get international marketing employment, you have to first work in your country for a considerable period of time. It is very difficult to get an international marketing job as a trainee. So prepare yourself for some hard work, rise up the ladder and international marketing employment will come your way soon.

As I said before, it always helps to start your work with a multinational company, for then your chances of going abroad increase. But getting into an MNC is not enough. You will have to show how deserving you are, you have to remain focused in your work. Formulating new marketing strategies always help the score card. Marketing is one field where you can really show how imaginative and sharp you are, so put it to use.

However it does not get any easier up the ladder. Don’t for once think that international marketing careers will make work easier for you. If anything, challenges continue to increase. In the case of international marketing work, you will have to deal with different regions and how you are presenting your products in those regions.

It will not be an easy endeavor for the way you present a product in say, the US will not be the way you present that product in India. Plus, the chances of collision are much more because cultural and ethnic differences are huger.

Like national marketing, jobs in international marketing are also increasing day by day. A lot of economies have opened up and this has led to higher competition. Hence pay has gone up and also the demand for good professionals. There is also little chance for failure at such high levels. One needs all the support of likeminded people and experience one can.

Therefore if you are interested in international marketing careers, it is a good idea to garner as much experience and knowledge you can right from base level internship.

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Looking for an Educational Career

Are you looking for an educational career? Well if you have the required certificate and qualification for it, then all you need to know is how to get through proper educational work,  and live up to it. You don’t need to spend hours in a queue waiting for your call.

You can just search the right education job that suits you, online, by signing up with consultancies who provide online support and you can also select your area or subject of work.

With the growth of many public and elementary schools, teaching jobs are available, also consisting of working in libraries, instructing projects, classes and various training methods. Options are many, but jobs should be chosen wisely.

Work and education

Educational work has become much more viable for fresh graduates, who can join a school or university for grading or teaching. You need to be savvy of teaching aids, you must know the usage of digital media, and induce new methods of teaching.

It would include all the work of improved teaching skills, chalking out lesson plans, establishing order and sequence of course packet, developing a curriculum, and assessing performances.

Apart from that, for instructing and analytical jobs, your work would be research oriented and you would have to make drafts and such paperwork.

Now if your field is of languages or fine arts or sports, you can apply to vacant places in and across your preferred area of work, if you want to be employed independently or you can also go for career counseling sessions if you are not being able to take up your desired educational career.

Jobs in here

There are a number of featured jobs for educational purposes and you should be ready with your resume before you start up your search. Education jobs include a number of career options in the social sector, media sector, advanced studies, and a number of teaching jobs at the pre-primary, primary, Middle school, high school, and university will require a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree and also Doctorate and Post Doctorate degree (only applicable for certain job profiles) and also special vocational training in teaching would get you a good job in education.


The objective of education employment, also depend upon a lot of modern day resources like career profile tests, advice, career fairs, which feature a lot of lucrative jobs. Basically jobs in education look for good academics, and a marked ability to teach imbibing advanced methods.

Not only in teaching but also in instructing jobs and various other research jobs you have to remain upfront to build your career in education.

Universities, companies, agencies, media houses, vocational training institutes, science labs instructors, assistants in projects and operations, school teacher, professor all are a wide variety that could give you your dream job.

You have to look for the right options, keeping in mind the requisites and services they are looking for. These educational jobs can be done on a part time or a full time basis.

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VP Of Marketing Jobs – 7 Tips for Surviving As Vice President of Marketing

It is very common sense that each field is determined by the people who start at entry level or beginners’ level of the field and is also dependent upon the people who are in the higher positions of the field. The basic structure of every sector is that the beginners on the lower strata of the structure are basically the working professionals and the higher strata are more concentrated upon the management and the coordination required for the smooth functioning of the whole sector.

The vice president of marketing jobs is one such very high position and of a sector which is completely responsible for the popularity, publicity and therefore the conversion of sales figures of the company. This makes the vice president of marketing jobs a position which is doubly important and very fragile. The Vice president marketing job descriptions require very qualified and equally experienced personnel who can handle minor details as well as storming responsibilities with equal ease.

Vice president marketing research is a personnel who oversees the successful research and survey conducted by the company on various topics and sectors of the company. These surveys are also sometimes internal audits that make sure that the company’s clients and the company’s personnel are responsive to different company policies that are basically intended for the publicity of the company.

Vice president Finance has to be a person who has the proper knowledge of the coordination required for marketing and finance to make sure that the company is publicized properly as well as the budget is adhered to. In fact, in some companies the vice president finance is responsible to create the budget for the company’s productive year.

Over the past years vice president job searches have incredibly increased because the job profile includes many attractive nuances that are necessary to showcase the creativity as well as make sure that the supervision and coordination abilities of the personnel are on display. It is an authoritative position and needless to say it comes with very high salary packages. It is usual for a company to promote some experienced personnel from the company’s own employment structure, to the advanced position of the vice president marketing or the vice president finance.

However, in many companies there have been noted cases where the vice president marketing or the vice president finance has been newly appointed keeping in mind the various abilities, talent and educational qualifications that are more relevant with the fresh ideas that the new vice president could bring to the company’s structure. This bodes very well for the popularity and publicity techniques that the marketing department would undertake on the command of the vice president marketing. Every new technique requires fresh ideas and new concepts. This is the only sure fire way to success and progress. It is in the job description for a vice president of marketing or a vice president advertising, that they should bring progressive and new ideas to the table to make sure that the company is welcomed into the new times.

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