Saturday September 23, 2023

The Color of Money

The worse part of any interview is when a job applicant is asked either: • “What is your current salary”; or • “What are your monetary expectations should you be offered this position?” Both are tough and both put you on the hot seat, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder. While most […]

Don’t Force Your Employees Hands

For the first time in many months, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more people quit their jobs than were fired or laid off during the second quarter of 2010. A recent report in Harvard Business Review reveals it costs up to 250% of a position’s salary to find a new employee to fill […]

Recession Proof Your Career (as Much as You Can)

We’ve all heard the media declare the recession was all but behind us. Things are getting better with each passing day and those numbers that tell the tale that employers are hiring once again is just around the corner, right? For many of us, though, it feels anything but. If you’re thinking lay-offs are out […]