Wednesday November 29, 2023

Hiring Staff for Food Service Industry

The entire hospitality industry depends on two things: quality and tasty food or well done chef job and good service to customers or diners. Both these aspects require that when you go out for hiring you get the best people from the market that are more customer service oriented. The third most important thing is […]

Jobs – 7 Steps to Finding Jobs

The job market today is so complex that one cannot simply decide on what careers to concentrate upon. We simply have too many to choose from. And when we finally decide on our career options comes up the complex issue of how to find you the right job opening in that profession. Well worry no […]

A Look Back – Are Virtual Assistants Still the Cure-All?

A few years ago, all the buzz was about a new breed of workers – virtual workers. It seemingly offered a solution for those who’d been laid off from their traditional jobs as well as employers who needed the tasks completed, but just didn’t have the budget to cover the expenses involved with hiring a […]

The Color of Money

The worse part of any interview is when a job applicant is asked either: • “What is your current salary”; or • “What are your monetary expectations should you be offered this position?” Both are tough and both put you on the hot seat, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder. While most […]