Wednesday November 29, 2023

Law Jobs – Top Ten Tips to Success in Law

Are you interested in legal jobs? There are different kinds ofLaw Jobs available these days. You need to make up your mind about the kind of job you prefer. You must choose the field which attracts you the most. You must also be capable of performing well in the job. Legal jobs might not be […]

Overtime for Using the Phone

In a recent column, we discussed the lawsuit where an employee sued his employer for overtime pay spent using the company issued BlackBerry after hours.  Turns out, this has the potential to spread like wildfire as more employees are watching closely and considering their own lawsuits.  A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and president of, says […]

Maybe He’s Not the Prize

A black mark against the legal profession as a whole has once again been placed, this time by a Wisconsin district attorney who’s used his power to gain sexual favors. Calumet County District Attorney Kenneth Kratz texted an abuse victim, who turned to his office for help, that “I am the prize”. Apparently Stephanie Van […]

The Legalities of Crossing the Line to Ensure Teens Walk the Line

Lawyers in San Jose, California are scrambling in an effort to find a solution that will appease everyone in a recent “fake” arrest. Attorneys for the local police department, the police officer, the “victim” and the city are meeting to determine if a police officer’s “staging” of an arrest went too far. “The legal repercussions […]

Statistics on the Federal Level

Looks as though the difficult times have affected even the judicial system on the federal level. A recent Slate editorial reveals just how deep the cuts are. A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder, says this could prove problematic in ways many haven’t even considered. For instance, of the 850 lower court federal judgeships, there […]

Coming Full Circle – Interviewing for a New Position with a Familiar Firm

What happens if you find yourself feeling a sense of familiarity or even you’re speaking with an interviewer who’s contacted you to interview with his firm? You know the feeling – it’s almost as though history is repeating itself. Then, the interviewer tells you the name of the firm you will be interviewing with and […]

Alternative Legal Careers

If you are interested in the legal system, but you are still looking for something other than being a lawyer, or attorney; need not worry. The scope of alternative legal careers is astonishing. There is legal consulting, dispute resolution management, and many paralegal opportunities. Attorney jobs don’t always include litigators, just as many people are […]

Women in Legal Careers

Initially women employed in legal jobs were discriminated on the basis of gender. Most people had the notion that women are too kind to be a successful lawyer. They are not ‘cold-blooded’ thus they cannot practice law as men can. It was also said that they are not aggressive enough to hold a case together. […]

Temporary Legal Professionals

At present, t legal recruitment industry is characterized by an enormous surge in demand for temporary legal professionals. This is the right moment for many of you who come from a legal background to plunge into the temporary legal employment surge and make quite a few bucks while grabbing some precious work experience as well.  […]

Legal writing and Legal Professionals

Legal writing may be defined as a kind of technical writing. This technical writing is made use of by many legislators, lawyers and judges for expressing their legal duties, rights and investigation. A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of, a legal jobs portal, says that the legal authority places a great deal of importance on […]