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Our Values

PACT leading the industry with purpose

Authenticity, leadership, passion, fun, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. These aren’t just words to PACT. For our people, they are the values that make us Perth’s leading Tier 2 commercial construction team. Our values are the common threads that unite our team and the foundation that supports close client and contractor relationships.

We believe in building potential. We hold ourselves accountable. We’re driven to be better in everything we do. We genuinely enjoy our work. Ultimately, our people are the construction industry leaders because we’re united behind these six core values.

Let’s continue to build Perth’s potential together.



Be real. Be respectful.

We do what we say, which builds the kind of trust that achieves world-class outcomes.

We’ve learnt that collaboration is the secret to success. It’s how we’ve developed a strong track record and attracted the commercial construction industry’s top talent. Our clients know they can have honest, authentic conversations with anyone in the PACT team.



Back yourself.

We’re driven to be better, but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating our success.

For our leadership team, success means empowering PACT’s people to back themselves. We learn from our experience, make bold decisions, and challenge the status quo in pursuit of excellent results. Leading Perth’s commercial construction industry means working together to build potential as a team.



Never give up.

PACT didn’t become the leading Tier 2 commercial builder in Perth by accident.

We’ve built our potential over time with hard work and a focus on solutions, not problems. We’ll continue to chase bigger wins, remembering that the most impressive results are often born of the thorniest challenges.



Just care!

Close enough has never been good enough for PACT, our people, or our clients.

You only need to look at our work to know that we don’t quit until we’ve achieved the best possible results. Our leadership, people, clients and contractors share this commitment to excellence. It’s what keeps up the momentum and stops us from coasting on success.



Enjoy the journey

It’s impossible to deliver a great project without enjoying yourself.

We’ve built a strong culture at PACT by treating our people and clients as humans. And humans like to have fun. When you work as hard as we do in commercial construction, being able to share a little downtime makes it all worthwhile. We’re serious about building potential, but that doesn’t mean we’re all business all the time.



Love what you do.

When you genuinely enjoy your work, the only outcome is excellence.

PACT is a team of people dedicated to delivering world-class work for clients who share our enthusiasm. For us, leading the industry means going that little bit further. Exceeding expectations. Finding solutions. Motivating, celebrating, challenging, and building potential. Every commercial construction company in Perth will tell you they’re passionate. We believe the proof is in the work