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Industrial Expertise


Industrial construction in Perth often presents opportunities to employ new solutions and technology in pursuit of ambitious objectives. Getting it right demands exacting standards and close collaboration.

Unique solutions that build Perth’s potential

From integrating new technology to building industrial facilities for specialist equipment, PACT Construction finds solutions where other builders see problems.

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Safety and efficiency at every turn

Industrial construction in Perth brings with it a unique set of objectives for our clients. At PACT, our agile team provides outcome certainty because we are hands-on and accountable. Unified as one with our client, we challenge each other to look for the potential in every opportunity, from adopting a new technology to reassessing traditional methods and materials.

Industrial construction projects are often required to accommodate specialist equipment and machinery. For example, at The Maker’s industrial facility in Bassendean, where specialised stone cutting and materials handling plant and equipment had to be commissioned from Germany and installed. In liaison with the client, we progressively problem solved the intricate installation to ensure that all placements and tolerances were perfect.

Industrial Projects