Early Contractor Involvement

Early Contractor Involvement

Building potential in collaboration with our project partners

We’re revolutionising our front-end capabilities to collaborate better with developers, subcontractors and suppliers. PACT’s Early Contractor Involvement process is rolling out across our design and construction services to give clients a better experience and remain the agile industry leader.

A better commercial construction process

As a whole-of-project commercial construction company, our Early Contractor Involvement process delivers better results for all stakeholders.

We’re always driven to do better. Collaborating with our project partners keeps us accountable to that ambition.

  • Better quality
  • Better safety
  • Better project management
  • Better collaboration


How does the ECI process work?

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) is the modern commercial construction process in lieu of tendering. By collaborating with clients and subcontractors from the early design stages, our ECI practices ensure win-win outcomes, personalised service, and agile problem solving.


  • Early access to our design, construction and estimating profesionals
  • Establish a collaborative and team-minded environment early on
  • Involvement from the construction delivery individuals during planning phases
  • Potential for accelerated programm outcomes – start sooner, finish sooner, staged building approach
Transparency & Cost


  • Opportunity to provide transparency around cost
  • Access to historic and live benchmarking and comparison cost data
  • Understand budget sooner
  • Value management


  • 75% to 80% of a project cost
  • Identify suitable and capable subconstructor base dependent on project requirements
  • Clients get transparency / understanding of the subcontractor selection process
  • Access to subcontractor and supplier smarts and planning earlier


  • Poor documentation leads to poor outcomes and poor market response
  • Contractor assistance to ensure design documents meet requirements for pricing
  • Design detailing reviews – maintainance considerations
  • Design programme management
  • Less design re-work later
  • Safely In Design Inputs


  • Construction delivery team
  • Earlier and ongoing cost certainty
  • Programme
  • Better understanding of the project for both client and builder

PACT’s ECI process ensures clients and subcontractors have a great experience from start to finish.

Collaborative, open, and transparent

PACT is a private builder and part of the privately-owned ABN Group. That means we can follow agile commercial construction processes with the stability of the ABN Group backing every move. Our clients don’t get caught up in red tape. We work as a team, finding solutions together and learning from each other.

PACT utilises an Early Contractor Involvement process across all our contracting models:

  • Design and Construct
  • Construct only
  • Construction Management
  • Cost Plus

Working with partnering contracts fosters a collaborative and transparent relationship. PACT, our clients, and subcontractors are on the same team from the early design phase through to handover and beyond. It’s all part of building potential in a modern commercial construction process.

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Working with PACT means you’re part of the team. You’ll get to know us well when we work together, so let us introduce the friendly faces in our Design, Estimating and New Business teams.

A leader in commercial construction


We believe the commercial construction process should be enjoyable for everyone involved. Our ECI process focuses on delivering the best solutions for clients, treating them as end-users and operators. There’s no bureaucracy or red tape. No hidden costs thanks to direct negotiation contracts. No middle-management getting in the way, and no compromises as we seek the best solutions.

The proof is in the work. We’ve already delivered ECI design and construct solutions for high-profile commercial construction projects, including Grandton Residences, Forbes Residences, Victoria House, ABN Group Headquarters, NOMA Residences and Arthouse Apartments and are looking forward to working with future clients in this approach.  

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