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Please submit a Service Request by filling out the form below.

The Maintenance & Services Manager will confirm the priority/risk of defect as Low, Medium or High and schedule accordingly to the risk definitions below;

  • High Risk is defined as a defect that has a high cost to PACT if left, high reputation damage, risk to safety, risk of damage to products and defect that causes a security issue, risk of security breech. High risk defects should be attended to within 24 hours (acknowledged).
  • Medium Risk is defined as a defect that is a nuisance, not effecting operations or a trade maintenance requirement. Medium risk defects should have a 4 week turn around
  • Low Risk is defined as a defect that is a standard non-structural/cosmetic eg painting related defects, chipped tiling/missing grout, scratching to finishes. Low risk defects are addressed at the end of the Defect Liability Period.

Once settlement has occurred and possession of the property has been assumed by the Owner, PACT Construction relinquish liability to damages ensued within the property, including but not limited to the following items (unless previously stated with the
Pre-settlement Inspection Documentation PSI):

  • General cleaning;
  • Marking and scratches to walls and floor coverings;
  • Lamp replacement;
  • Damages to the property and to its finishes;
  • Vandalism.

The Service Team will allocate the requests to the responsible contractors who will make contact to arrange a suitable time to complete required works and then respond to the request and advise of actions that will be taken in line with the above Risk rating.

If you have a general enquiry or wish to follow up on the progresss of a reported service request please contact PACT on or call the PACT Head Office on 9340 5900.